PoliticsRoussel says Macron 'considers' setting up a 'government of...

Roussel says Macron ‘considers’ setting up a ‘government of national unity’


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What political colors are the next ministers going to be? The question is asked as Emmanuel Macron performs between Tuesday and Wednesday a vast tour of the political forces. Received Tuesday evening at the Elysée, the PCF deputy Fabien Roussel thus then affirmed on LCI that the head of state “considers” the constitution of a “government of national unity”, in order to find “the ways to leave of the political situation” in the Assembly, where he failed to obtain an absolute majority.


Emmanuel Macron, “asked me if we were ready to work in a government of national unity” and if such an initiative “was the solution to get the country out of the crisis”, added the communist candidate for the last presidential election. “He is considering either the constitution of a government of national unity, if there were the parties to participate in it”, or “to seek support on a case-by-case basis”, according to the “subjects”, he said. -He specifies.

“Parliamentary democracy will live, it’s a good signal”

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Fabien Roussel also indicated that the Head of State had asked for his opinion on “the government, Prime Minister” Elisabeth Borne. “I answered that the subject was not the person” because “it is the measures that are important”.

Emmanuel Macron “will have to deal with all the political forces”. “Finally parliamentary democracy will live, it’s a good signal”, he rejoiced, calling for “to have a lot of humility and responsibility in the period”.

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Previously, Emmanuel Macron’s allies had called for a “grand coalition” like Edouard Philippe (Horizons), or to get closer to a “national union”, like François Bayrou (Modem).

Source: 20minutes

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