PoliticsSenate President LR Gérard Larcher expects "a profound change...

Senate President LR Gérard Larcher expects “a profound change of attitude” from Macron


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The President of the Republicans of the Senate calls for “dialogue”. But according to Gérard Larcher, to dialogue, Emmanuel Macron, who is “responsible for the historic defeat” of his camp in the legislative elections, will have to operate “a profound change of attitude”. The country “risks being difficult to govern”, and “for my part, I want dialogue in the interest of France”, he underlines in an interview with the Parisian.


While the head of state refused the resignation of Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne on Tuesday, Gérard Larcher believes that she “is not responsible for the defeat, it is the president”. As for dissolving the Assembly, “he has the prerogative but the sovereign people have just decided. We must be wary of dissolutions of comfort”. “It is really in the event of a blockage in the country that the Constitution has provided for this exit door, by giving the floor back to the people”, recalls the President of the Senate.

Larcher wants to give the Finance Committee to the RN

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Now “it’s up to him [Emmanuel Macron] to make proposals”, underlines Gérard Larcher, noting that meeting party leaders as the Head of State did on Tuesday “should be a habit”. Emmanuel Macron’s “political record” “is the result of the verticality of his governance” and demonstrates “the limits of “at the same time”: 72 LFI deputies and 89 for the RN”, and “the republican front has disappeared” .

On the LR side, “we are clearly in the opposition, (…) but our line of conduct is the interest of France and the French”, he underlines. Should we work with the future RN group at the Assembly? “We don’t have the same history and don’t share the same values, but they are elected representatives of the Republic,” replies Gérard Larcher. And the presidency of the Finance Committee of the Assembly “should (their) return”, because “the RN is the first opposition group”.

The “turned” Sarkozy page

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At a time when the president of the Republicans Christian Jacob is preparing to leave his post, Gérard Larcher also judges that the party can “find a political space between a macronism which has just failed and the two extremes”.


Laurent Wauquiez, often quoted to take over from Christian Jacob, “has, of course, the qualities, but we have not yet opened this sequence”, estimates Gérard Larcher, stressing that he himself will be “the defender of unity and unity”. He also “regrets” that Nicolas Sarkozy has “chosen to leave his political family” by supporting majority candidates. “The page is turned,” he concludes.

Source: 20minutes

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