PoliticsStéphane Le Foll calls for the creation of a...

Stéphane Le Foll calls for the creation of a “new federation of the left”


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We knew he was very critical of Nupes. The socialist mayor of Le Mans, Stéphane le Foll, opposed to the agreement between PS, LFI, EELV and PCF, wants to “create a new federation of the left” and distances himself from the socialists. In a newspaper interview Free Maine this Monday, Stéphane le Foll indicates that he will gather, on July 16, in Arnage (Sarthe), several figures of the PS, such as the former Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve or the president of the Occitanie region, Carole Delga, both opposed like him to the New Popular Ecological and Social Union.

“It’s about starting to work on a new left, in its organization, its program, which brings together social democrats, reformist ecologists, republicans who are attached to universalism”, explains the former minister, who also calls to reflect on the RN vote within the popular strata and rural areas, and to have “a new approach, a new left”. He supported in his department the dissident candidates for Nupes, who were all beaten in the legislative elections.

He won’t run for party leader.

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“My position was firm from the start. It is not because the wind was favorable through the Nupes that I was going to change the ideas that I have been defending for years, ”he explained, tackling in passing Boris Vallaud, the new president of the PS group. in the National Assembly. “Today, he is for retirement at 60 for everyone, while the debates we had at the time (when he was deputy secretary general at the Élysée, under François Hollande, editor’s note), c t was retirement at age 60 for long careers and the search for balance. He writes off everything he has done for years,” says Stéphane Le Foll.

The former minister, who has been very much opposed to the current leadership of the PS, specifies that he will not be a candidate for the head of the party at the next PS congress in the fall. “The motions, the congress debates in the party as it is today, it’s over, I leave that to others. It is now necessary to address the French men and women directly, ”he concludes.

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Source: 20minutes

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