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The PS launches a procedure for the exclusion of dissident candidates against the Nupes, 79 members concerned


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Their little solo adventure could cost them dearly. 79 members of the PS, candidates or substitutes in dissidence against candidates invested by the Nupes during the legislative elections, are subject to a procedure of exclusion from the party. The decision was taken at a national office of the PS on Tuesday evening, confirmed to AFP by the party leadership and the internal opposition.


The management asked the national office to immediately suspend these 79 people, “with referral to the national conflict commission, with a view to their exclusion”, thus indicated the number two of the party, Corinne Narassiguin. The national office voted for this suspension by 31 votes for and 17 against, specified Patrick Menucci, member of the minority current opposed to the direction of the party, denouncing a “purge”.

“Great forgiveness is not possible”

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Among the dissidents are the former Minister of Transport Frédéric Cuvillier, who was a substitute for a dissident candidate from Pas-de-Calais, the deputy of Ariège Laurent Panifous, elected against the outgoing deputy and candidate of Nupes-LFI Michel Larive, the boss of the PS in Ardèche Laurent Ughetto, but also all the dissidents of Sarthe supported by the mayor of Le Mans Stéphane Le Foll, or those of Hérault supported by the president of the Occitanie region Carole Delga and the mayor of Montpellier Michael Delafosse.

The national secretary, Olivier Faure, had said on several occasions that the socialists who had chosen to maintain their candidacy against the Nupes agreement were “de facto” excluded from the party. “Great forgiveness is not possible,” argued Corinne Narassiguin. “The Socialist Party must remain credible, and regain a sense of rule and collective life. We need to have clear political rules internally, but also vis-à-vis our partners,” she said. In addition, “we are thinking about what we are doing in relation to the support” who, like Carole Delga, or former president François Hollande, mobilized for the dissident candidates, added Corinne Narassiguin.

Upcoming Faure-Delga meeting

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“We are in a process where we want to talk with them”, “see what state of mind they are in, not start an internal war”, “it does not make sense to send a former President of the Republic to the Conflicts Committee”, she specifies, even if internally, “some criticize us for being too magnanimous”. Olivier Faure should meet Carole Delga soon. “A commission of inquiry” should also be set up to “look at the case of the federations which we have been told have financed dissidents, it is a case of disloyalty to the party”, the number two of the PS.


“They want to show Jean-Luc Mélenchon that they are capable of controlling their opposition”, estimated Patrick Menucci, for whom the question of dissidents is a “political” question, which “should have been settled at the next congress”, scheduled for the end of the year. He stressed that if his minority current prevails in Congress, all exclusions would be overturned.

Source: 20minutes

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