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The National Assembly offers a last day of installation quieter than expected


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On paper, of the three days of installation of the new National Assembly, this Thursday was to be the most thrilling. Finally, despite some negotiations almost for form, it ended as announced. La Nupes, and Eric Coquerel, have taken the head of the finance committee, almost becoming the New Star of the Fifth Republic. The position has its advantages: the holder can go to any administration without warning, he has access to everyone’s tax files (yes, even yours).

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Given the lot, the simple hypothesis of seeing a rebellious access to this post gave cold sweats to the macronist camp from the legislative campaign. “The Insoumis obviously have in mind to do tax audits,” was indignant even Eric Woerth, outgoing holder of the post. As expected, however, the relative majority did not take part in the vote. This is the unwritten practice since 2008, when it was decided to reserve this commission for the opposition: the latter manages on its own. To mark the occasion well and avoid any malicious accusation, many majority deputies even left the room altogether. The majority out, Eric Coquel is the clear favourite.

Hall talks

We spare you the first rounds of voting – where everyone cast their votes without reaching the absolute majority required – to arrive at the mini-rumor of arrangement which briefly made the room of the Four Columns vibrate, where the journalists await the White smoke. What if the RN joined forces with LR to bring Charles de Courçon to the helm? The deputy of the Marne is a non-aligned centrist, respected on all the benches of the hemicycle. He sits in a small group (Freedoms, independents, Overseas and territories, says Liot), hinge for the outcome of the vote. If no one moves, it feels good for Coquerel who only needs a simple majority to win in the third round. Then meets in small clusters during the adjournment.

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“We discussed with Charles de Courçon and the Liot group, it was important to discuss together if the majority held its course not to vote”, justified the candidate LR Véronique Louwagie, after the battle. Except that to win, against a Nupes who unite, Charles de Courçon needs all the voices of the RN and LR. Complicated. It’s too much for him anyway, who finally withdraws. The one whose grandfather, already a parliamentarian, died in deportation, does not want to be elected with votes from the extreme right. The 3rd round takes place and it is Eric Coquerel who wins, with even one of the two Liot voices.

La Nupes scores a point

The other oppositions – who knew that overthrowing Coquerel would be difficult – blame themselves for their failure. At the RN, LR is criticized for not having accepted a rotating presidency. At LR, we accuse the RN of not having wanted to consider the consensus candidacy of Courçon. Véronique Louwagie also attacks the macronists. By choosing not to vote, “the majority chose Coquerel”, judge the deputy of Orne. But since it is the custom that the majority does not vote? “Yes, finally it has been the practice since 2008, it is not engraved in stone either”, blows an LR adviser … Yet another proof that the regulations of the National Assembly and their use are very, very flexible . We’ve seen it in the last three days. It will have to be, in this assembly exploded.

Eric Coquerel, 63, deputy for Seine-Saint-Denis, exceptionally tie for this election day, wants to be reassuring about the use he will make of his new powers: “I am not going to block this Commission but they will have to get used to the idea that they have a real opponent facing them… ”After its failure to conquer the questure on Tuesday, the Nupes succeeded in proving that, even spread out in four groups, if it unites, it is the first opposition to the Macronist coalition.


Source: 20minutes

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