PoliticsAt Les Moulins, Éric Ciotti and Christelle d'Intorni (LR)...

At Les Moulins, Éric Ciotti and Christelle d’Intorni (LR) plead for permanent police forces


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“A gentleman told me that he no longer wanted his mother to go shopping in the neighborhood. An old woman explained to me that she never crossed the Place des Amarillys again. Around 4 in the afternoon, it almost became a zone of anarchy, the inhabitants they fear for their lives and have the feeling of being abandoned”, launches Christelle d’Intorni, tanked in front of the door of the Moulins police station.

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The LR deputy for the sector attended this Monday the meeting of the inhabitants in the company of her Republican colleague, Éric Ciotti. They then have an “informal meeting” with the police.

A “symbolic” visit to give them his support in this district, where, according to the deputy from district 1, “Crime is on the rise”.

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On Saturday, a 20-year-old man was shot and killed in what appears to be a grudge match, or even an execution.

“They fear it will become Marseille”

“The police are only 10 today [lundi] to cover a sector that goes from Gambetta to Castagniers and in between… Les Moulins. They can no longer cope, they told us, they have clearly witnessed a deteriorating situation for ten years,” Ciotti insists. Increasingly “fear retaliation” to the Saturday night drama.

Member agrees: “Part of the CRS 5 arrived as an emergency last night [dimanche soir], normally had to secure the electro beaches in Cannes. So it is a company from the Var that will go to Cannes. We played at the Bonneteau.”

With Christelle d’Intorni, ask for permanent staff. and not only “men who come for a few days”…and then go.

“The CRS, it is true, provides security, reassures. But we need a lasting response. The neighborhood is changing, the police are worried, it is becoming Marseille. There are about forty policemen in this station, they would need at least 15 more employees in its sector and 15, again, dedicated only to the Moulins district”, Ciotti is offended.

who points the “illegal aliens”, increasingly, according to him, linked to drug trafficking in the neighborhoods and in particular in the Moulins.

“Last week there were 27 arrests, 7 were sent to the administrative detention center,” details the Republican candidate for president. He rejoices, he says, “That Gérald Darmanin has taken up this topic, but we are waiting to see.”

“Drugs Plague the Neighborhood”

And evoke the most global response that must be brought to their neighborhoods: creation of penitentiary places, creation of CEF, closed educational center, the urgency of the penal response and a faster execution of sentences and an immigration policy…”What afflicts the neighborhoods, this neighborhood, is drugs. Gross urban renewal is a mistake, in this type of neighborhood there shouldn’t be only housing, it leads to a form of ghettoization. We also need the tertiary sector, trade, life”, concludes Eric Ciotti.

Author: Stephanie Gasiglia

Source: Nice Matin

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