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Bill to ban bullfighting: support even among RNs

With its text against bullfighting, rebellious France hopes to win applause. To do this, she must find supporters on all the benches. It turns out well. In addition to the unconditional support of the environmental group, it will support the FKP and the PS. It could also bring back the voices of the fringe macronists and even in the ranks of… the far right, where the debate is raging.

The RN is divided into “animal welfare” and folklore advocates, firmly entrenched among elected officials from the south. Thus, Bouches-du-Rhone deputy Emmanuel Tachet de la Pagerie recently invited former bullfighter André Viard and bull breeder Benjamin Cuyet to the Assembly. His colleague, Yonne’s deputy Julien Odoul, brought an activist from the Animal League to meet him at the Palais Bourbon. “I have no problem voting for Aymeric Caron’s text. The case is more important than political differences,” explains the latter. Marine Le Pen’s group would put up a dozen hard fights against bullfighting for about forty supporters (out of 89 members).

“The division of the animalists transcends all camps”

On a “personal basis” Marine Le Pen advocates a ban on bullfighting for minors. How to cut a pear in half. “The animalistic split transcends all camps, between suburban, suburban France and agricultural areas that have different attitudes towards animals,” sums up communicator Renaud Large, author of Species Shock (Dawn).

If the games are open, everything will also depend on the order in which Caron’s bill passes. It is currently in fourth position in the Insoumis parliamentary niche, on November 24, it could not even be considered if the previous texts (in particular on abortion in the Constitution and on raising the minimum wage) run out of time for discussion, limited to a few hours, according to rules. “It is possible, in the event of obstruction by our opponents, the removal of texts,” the head of the LFI admits. If necessary, we will adapt our strategy.”

Source: Le Parisien

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