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Prize for political humor: who will replace Marlene Schiappa for her “phrase”?

Who will replace Marlene Schiappa, who, defending her anti-polygamy bill, said: “We’re not going to ban threesomes.” Last year, this forecast won the Delegate Minister in charge of Citizenship the top prize for political humor.

All the “phrases” said by politicians for the 2022 award have now been picked up. After two previous selections of eight proposals in March and six others in June, those that complete the list of contestants selected by this jury, chaired by journalist Olivier de Lagarde (France Info), were unveiled on Monday. The author of the proposal, wittingly or unwittingly recognized as the funniest, will be chosen on December 6th. For the 20th place will compete:

Eric Cockerel, LFI MP: “Imagine that we are going to replace Jean-Luc Mélenchon in this way, that is the mind’s eye. It’s like asking a question who will replace Zhores. “Challenges” 01/10/22.

Ann Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris: “Every morning I get up and tell myself that everyone loves me.” Credit given to Gaspar Ganzer, who reveals it in his book and picks up “L’Obs” on 01/09/22.

Duke Markovic, environmental adviser from Paris: “There are rats in Paris that I prefer to call brown rats,” and that she qualifies them as “helpers in the fight against waste.” During the meeting of the Council of Paris on 07.08.22.

Sandrine Rousseau, deputy environmentalist: “Homeless people die more from the heat in summer than in winter.” In the National Assembly on 12.07.22.

Nicholas Sarkozy, on Valerie Pecresse’s presidential candidacy: “You don’t become a Picasso because you buy paints, canvas and brushes. Valerie Pekress took my ideas, my program, and got 4.8%.” “Point” 11.03.22.

>> Already selected in June:

Rashida Dati, former minister, mayor of the 7th arrondissement of Paris, in an address to Anne Hidalgo: “Your presence in the Council of Paris is as ridiculous as your result in the presidential election.” At the Paris Council – 05/31/2022.

Richard Ferrand, former President of the National Assembly: “Elizabeth Bourne is great, but no one knows about it.” “Duck in chains” – 06/22/2022.

John Lassalle, a former presidential candidate: “I’m a candidate because otherwise I wouldn’t know who to vote for.” BFM TV – 01/04/2022.

Edward Philip, former prime minister, mayor of Le Havre on Jean-Luc Mélenchon: “It takes a certain impudence for someone who has been defeated in an election where he was a candidate to think that he will be elected in an election where he is not a candidate! “.South-West” – 05/29/2022.

Sandrine RousseauMP for Paris (9th constituency): “I would like there to be the possibility of an offense of non-distribution of household duties.”Mademoiselle” – 03/21/2022.

Andre Santini, former minister, mayor of Issy-les-Moulineaux: “My party supports Valerie Pecresse because she has committed to extend metro line 12 to the Pont Meudon.” “Point” – 03/25/2022.

>> In March, the following were selected:

Gabriel Attal, secretary of state to the prime minister, government spokesman: “Emmanuel Macron loves debate.” France 2 – 22.02.2022

Bruno Gilles, ex-senator L.R.: “During the previous elections, I went down the drain to shake hands with rats; it didn’t help me win”. World – 13.02.2022

Ann HidalgoMayor of Paris, PS presidential candidate: “It rolls better, in Paris it rolls really better.” Dbefore the Federation of Automotive Equipment Manufacturers – 14.03.2022

Thierry MarianiMember of the European Parliament from the National Association and representative of the presidential campaign Marine Le Pen. “I only change parties every 42 years.” “PArisyan » 21.01.2022

Valerie PekressChairman of the Regional Council of Ile-de-France, presidential candidate of the Republic of Lithuania: “If I am elected, I will tell Vladimir Putin that we must build peace in Europe.” France 5 – 06/02/2022

Fabien RousselPCF national secretary, presidential candidate: “Gas stations are the only place in France where whoever holds a gun is also robbed”. Twitter – 09/02/2022

Thierry Soleré, deputy LAREME: “My anatomy is such that if my ass is between two chairs, I sit perfectly.” “Parisian” – 21.02.2022

Eric Werth, Chairman of the Finance Committee of the National Assembly: “I never said that I support the first term of Emmanuel Macron; I said I would support the 2nd.” South Radio – 16/2

Source: Le Parisien

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