PoliticsRocket in Poland, Chinese mediation, Iran... What to remember...

Rocket in Poland, Chinese mediation, Iran… What to remember from Macron’s speech after the G20


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“We knew the discussions would be affected by the conflict. The President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron spoke this Wednesday in Bali (Indonesia) at the end of the G20, heavily marked by the war in Ukraine. The mass strikes that took place on Tuesday reminded of the “extreme delicacy of the situation,” the head of state stressed. Update of his statements.

Attention to the situation in Poland

“Circumstances do not allow us to attribute the executions” that took place on Tuesday in Poland, Emmanuel Macron insisted on emphasizing during his speech. “I managed to talk to the Polish authorities, I expressed our condolences to them in connection with the victims of the executions. We are cooperating to find out exactly what happened, we are doing this with all allies,” he continued, insisting on the caution that had to be exercised after the death of two people in the strike.

Almost unanimous condemnation of the war in Ukraine

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“The decision on peace is not made by the G20 summit, but we were obliged to send a very clear signal in order to avoid any escalation and avoid the division of the world,” the French president said. In this joint text, states recall, inter alia, that “the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons is unacceptable”.

“Yesterday was a terrible day for the Ukrainian people. More than 85 rockets fell on civilian objects,” the head of state complained after the large-scale strikes that hit the entire territory of Ukraine on Tuesday. “I also called President Zelensky and told him about the solidarity of France,” said Emmanuel Macron, pointing to the “clearly sent message from Russia” when the G20 members reunited.

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“The G20 does not take its eyes off the war in Ukraine. Even if Putin had not come, the message sent to him is very clear, the vast majority condemns the war in Ukraine, this is a fact. Russia must hear the message of the international community and return to the negotiating table,” the President of the Republic said.

Desire to see China as a mediator

Emmanuel Macron also reaffirmed his desire for China to play a mediating role in the Ukrainian conflict. “Chinese President Xi Jinping has made very clear his willingness to oppose any escalation,” he said, referring to their meeting at the summit. The President of the Republic also mentioned the upcoming visit to Beijing “beginning of 2023”.

“There is room for rapprochement with China to push Russia to de-escalate,” but also with India, the head of state added, in order to expand the “coalition for peace.” “We have united Senegal, Rwanda, South Africa, Argentina and Mexico to achieve convergence and have a clear message on Russia, an unequivocal call for an end to this war. »

“Growing aggressiveness of Iran”

Regarding the situation in Iran, a country that has been engulfed in unrest for two months and where seven French people are currently detained, Emmanuel Macron called on the authorities to “return to calm and a spirit of cooperation.” He also denounced Iran’s “growing aggressiveness” towards France. The French president also urged Iran to “respect regional stability”, referring to the “bombing in recent days on Iraqi soil”.

“Fully respecting the sovereignty of Iran”, he hailed the “courage and legitimacy” of “this revolution of Iranian women and youth” who “defend our universal principles”.

Food security as a goal

“The main risk is the destabilization of our food chains on grains and fertilizers. This war is destabilizing the whole world,” said the President of the Republic in accordance with a joint press release issued at the end of the G20. The international meeting that allowed the “tacit” renewal of the grain agreement, he insisted, recalling that “it would be irresponsible to create barriers to trade in agricultural products, and we have taken a position to increase market transparency.”

Source: Le Parisien

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