PoliticsBullfighting: MEPs oppose its ban in committee for the...

Bullfighting: MEPs oppose its ban in committee for the first time


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First trend-setting vote. MPs rejected for the first time this Wednesday in a committee a proposal by Aymerik Karon (LFI) to ban bullfighting, which has little chance of success but gives rise to major debate and demonstrations next weekend.

The elected members of the Legal Commission supported the RN and LR amendments to remove a single article from the text. This vote does not prevent it from being considered in a semi-cycle on November 24th, if time permits, with a busy agenda to consider proposals from the LFI group.

“Hypocritical ceremony”, according to MP

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During the protests, Emeric Caron immediately denounced “great lobby pressure”. Opening the debate, the former journalist lashed out at the “barbarism” of bullfighting, the “hypocritical ceremony in which a supposedly honorable animal is killed with precision and sophistication bordering on sadism.” The deputy from Paris then described in detail the “execution” of the bull. He criticized pro-bulfighting elected officials for “electoral maneuvering” so as not to “offend certain voters in bullfighting regions”.

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Its text aims to change the Penal Code, which already punishes cruelty to animals, but whose sanctions under Article 521-1 “do not apply to bullfighting where a continuous local tradition can be invoked.” The LFI MP hopes to add the amendment to the cockfighting ban still allowed in the North or some overseas territories.

The secretary of state in charge of rural areas, Dominique Faure, appears on the bench on November 24, and not the custodian of the seals, Eric Dupont-Moretti, who is fascinated by bullfighting. Before the Renaissance group on Tuesday morning, Dominique Faure urged “not to fall into the radicalism of MP” Aymeric Caron, according to a parliamentary source, stressing that one should not “resist emotions and attachment to the land.”

A topic that divides sides

Aymeric Karon’s proposal causes embarrassment among political groups where the freedom to vote is in the order of things. In the name of protecting the “cultural tradition” in the Southwest and the Mediterranean region, the government intends to oppose it, while this topic divides the Macronists.

In July 2021, when she was not yet President of the Deputies of the Renaissance, Aurora Bergé signed a platform to ban bullfighting, which was considered “barbaric”. But in the committee, MP Marie Lebec spoke out against the “radicality” of Aymeric Caron’s proposal. “What will be the next regional tradition that we will ban? “, she warned. On the left, the PS is “divided” as LFI and environmentalists back the ban.

Far right, R.N. Timothy Oussen acknowledged the differences in his group. He accused the LFI MP from Paris of “extremism” because of his “anti-specialist program” that would push for a “ban” tomorrow on “foie gras”, “pony rides”, “hunting” and then “very short fishing”. Marine Le Pen, who makes an animal the cause of one of her markers, has been suggesting for years that underage bullfighting should be banned.

The sometimes electrifying discussion often turned for or against Emeric Caron. Right L.R. Ann-Laure Blin reproached him for looking for “sensational”. She defended “popular culture”, “art and regional identity”, emphasizing “thousands of protected lands” through “wild bull breeding”.

Mobilizations are planned for this weekend. Elected officials from all sides and fans will defend bullfighting in several bullfighting cities on Saturday. On the other hand, animal protection associations are promising demonstrations against the practice on Saturday and Sunday, including a “high visual impact” in Paris.

Source: Le Parisien

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