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The right is calling for a fact-finding mission to monitor the government’s climate goals.


And if it were for your “apple”? In a video posted to YouTube on Sunday, Emmanuel Macron, who was arrested by a rampaging internet user, recalled his responsibility for the French state’s two-time condemnation of climate inaction in 2021 by administrative justice.

“I was elected for the first time in May 2017. In the summer, I began to adopt laws, and in 2018 they began to operate,” the head of state replied, recalling that the period of inactivity covers the years from 2015 to 2018. “You really sympathize with Melvac for trying to tweet me. But (…) it is rather for the period before, and not for my apple,” concluded the President of the Republic.

The formula is not quite to the liking of the LR group of the National Assembly, whose eight members of the sustainable development commission this Wednesday sent a letter to the chairman of the commission, Jean-Marc Zulesi (Renaissance). They are asking for an information mission aimed at establishing an observatory to monitor France’s climate targets and, in particular, the Paris Agreement.

At the moment, this monitoring is carried out only by NGOs

LR Group President Olivier Marlet will send a letter to Assembly President Yael Braun-Piva to support this request. “If you need to set ambitious goals, after the adoption of the law, the parliament cannot ignore the climate. The role of the deputies must necessarily be to control the government over the tasks that it sets before it,” the deputies of the Republic of Lithuania wrote in their letter.

“The condemnation of the state by the Council of State came a few years after the ratification of the Paris Agreement. Perhaps the Assembly needs to take matters into its own hands as part of its mission to oversee the actions of the government,” says Antoine Vermorel, Deputy (LR) of the Loire, who was at the forefront of this initiative.

LR wants to be green too

The way, he says, “to bring the president of the republic face to face with his duties and us before ours,” he concludes, while “there are branches in which France lags behind, such as industry, forests, soils, and others where it does not exist, for example, transport or construction.” The follow-up presented today by the only environmental NGOs regret the chosen LR.

The initiative also aims, of course, to position Les Républicains as a participant in the environmental debate, while the right is very little mentioned in this rising topic in public opinion.

Le Parisien has contacted Jean-Marc Zulesi, chairman of the sustainable development commission, and he is open to the idea of ​​creating this fact-finding mission. “It’s a good idea to get checked out at the office,” he replies.

Source: Le Parisien



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