PoliticsThe left supports, the right criticizes

The left supports, the right criticizes


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Open the vote in municipal elections to non-EU foreigners. This is the bill tabled this Wednesday by the deputy Renaissance (ex-LREM) Sacha Houlié. An idea that delights several left-wing elected officials, but which is strongly criticized on the right and on the far right.

“We would be happy to vote for it”, assured Europe 1 LFI MP Manon Aubry, recalling that it was a proposal “long-supported” by LFI, and by Nupes, which links LFI, the PS, EELV and the PCF since May.

Strong support from the left

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“I want this to go to the end”, but “I just note that the government for the moment has rather looked to the side of the right or even the extreme right of the hemicycle (…) so I have my doubts about the makes it go to the end, ”added Manon Aubry. Sea serpent on the left, the right to vote for foreigners in local elections had been promised by François Mitterrand and François Hollande, without success. “We will support all steps in this direction”, argued LFI deputy Alexis Corbière on Twitter, wondering however whether it was on the part of Sacha Houlié an “announcement effect” or of a “sincere approach”.

“Is the macronie looking for a way to dissociate itself from the RN after having contributed to its trivialization at the start of its mandate? “, also asked the deputy LFI Clémentine Autain in a tweet. Among the ecologists of EELV, the mayor of Grenoble Eric Piolle hailed on LCI “an excellent idea”, stressing that “EELV strongly supports this proposal”.

Opposition within Renaissance

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While since 1992 only citizens of the European Union can vote in municipal elections, Sacha Houlié, president of the law commission, wants to lift this condition. He filed on Tuesday, “in a personal capacity”, a constitutional bill to this effect. He will present it to the Renaissance group at the start of the parliamentary term. However, it is already arousing criticism from Gérald Darmanin who is “firmly opposed”, according to his entourage. The Minister of the Interior proposed a debate in Parliament in October.

Within macronie, Republican Refoundation, the small political movement launched in April by former left-wing minister Jean-Pierre Chevènement is also reluctant: he believes that “citizenship and democracy cannot be disconnected” and instead supports “naturalization, accompanied by an open and demanding Republican integration process”. “Granting the right to vote and eligibility for foreigners in municipal elections amounts to introducing the possibility of political groupings around candidates activating the springs of communitarianism”, also anticipates the movement in a press release.

An “old chestnut tree of the left since 1981”

On the right, the deputy LR Eric Ciotti, candidate for the presidency of the Republicans, “rejoiced” Wednesday on RMC of the answer of the minister, but said to wait for a “positioning” of the Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne and the president of the Republic Emmanuel Macron on the subject. Against also, the deputy LR Philippe Juvin argued that “the Republic is the link between nationality and citizenship”, and indicated that he “will therefore vote

Source: 20minutes

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