PoliticsMP R. N. Gregoire de Furnas is still indicted...

MP R. N. Gregoire de Furnas is still indicted in the Assembly … for promoting his wine on Twitter.


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No one knows if RN MP Grégoire de Fournat will be celebrating Beaujolais Nouveau this Thursday evening, but the sips might be a bit more bitter than usual. The elected representative of the 5th constituency of the Gironde has just had his suspenders removed by the Commissioner of Ethics of the National Assembly for…promoting his wine on social media. Namely, on Twitter.

Recall that the MP is currently being excluded from the circle for “demonstrating that disrupts order or causes a violent scene,” after statements deemed racist. This is the most severe sanction to which an elected member of a nation is subject under the rules of the Assembly.

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Thus, Christoph Palles, responsible for the ethics of the Assembly, noted the “ethical violation”. On November 16, Grégoire de Fournat used his official Twitter account, through which he reports on his parliamentary activities, to promote his wine. “Many people contacted me to order wine. Now it is possible by clicking on this link “we could read.

The tweet has been deleted

This post raised a lot of questions. A large number of Internet users immediately accused the deputy of using his certified deputy account to carry out such an operation. Others wondered if the MP was trying to take advantage of the media coverage of the racist case to sell a few more cases of wine to make ends meet.

Faced with this outcry, Grégoire de Fournat finally decided to delete his controversial tweet and arrest the Assembly’s ethics officer. According to several of our colleagues, the ethics officer recommended deleting the tweet, which has already been done, as well as the fact that he is no longer using his official MP accounts to participate in such activities.

It remains to be seen whether this new reprimand could subject him to new sanctions. “Deputies must act solely in the interests of the nation and the citizens they represent, with the exception of any satisfaction of personal interests or obtaining financial or material benefits for themselves or their loved ones,” Article 1 of the Law clarifies. decrees of the National Assembly.

Article 79 clarifies: “It is prohibited for any MP, subject to the disciplinary action provided for in Articles 71 to 73, to invoke or permit the use of his position in financial, industrial or commercial undertakings or in the exercise of professional duties. or otherwise and generally use his title for reasons other than the exercise of his mandate.” In case of violation of this last article, the regulations provide for the following sanctions: censure, entailing the deprivation of half of the deputy’s allowance for one month, or censure with a temporary exception. A set of sanctions that the member now knows perfectly.

Source: Le Parisien

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