PoliticsSocial Security Budget: Bourne Picks Fifth 49.3, LFI Fifth...

Social Security Budget: Bourne Picks Fifth 49.3, LFI Fifth No Confidence Vote


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49.3, fifth. Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne decided on Monday to hold the government accountable while reviewing the Social Security Funding Bill for 2023 in a new reading.

“While the new reading (of the text) was to begin at the meeting, about 700 amendments were made in addition to those adopted by the committee. We cannot endlessly replay debates that have already been decided,” said the prime minister, deprived of an absolute majority. He called out 49.3 after just three hours of debate on the PLFRSS, considered in a new reading in the National Assembly.

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And since 49-3 follow and resemble each other, the defiant deputies immediately announced a new vote of no confidence, thus respecting the line of conduct set by Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

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Source: Le Parisien

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