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Unemployment insurance: “18 months is long enough to find a job,” Veran says.


“In the period we are going through, 18 months is enough to find a job,” a government spokesman said on Tuesday about the tightening of unemployment insurance conditions announced the day before. “We want to tell people: the spirit of unemployment insurance is the spirit of the National Council of Resistance,” Olivier Veran developed on the set of CNews, convinced that the “logic” of the current reform is “guided” by this time.

“The state has said there will be times when people won’t be able to find work because the labor market will be too tight, so they will have to be insured so that they do not lose all their income,” he explained. “It’s okay when the risk is high, the insurance is strong, and when the risk is low, the insurance is a little less reliable,” he said.

Trade unions take up arms

The government hit hard on Monday by announcing a 25% reduction in the duration of compensation for all job seekers opening rights from Feb. 1, a decision that all unions deemed “unacceptable”. The unemployment rate is currently 7.3%. The reform provides that the duration of compensation returns to the current level if the unemployment rate rises above 9% or increases by 0.8 points per quarter.

Asked about Labor Minister Olivier Dussop’s desire for “100,000 to 150,000 extra returns to work” in 2023 thanks to the reform, a government spokesman estimated that it would be “a pretty straightforward mechanism in fact, you’ll see there’s going to be quite a massive impact.” to the labor market because that is also the signal we are sending.”

Source: Le Parisien



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