PoliticsAbortion in the Constitution: LFI and Renaissance proposals 'tumble...

Abortion in the Constitution: LFI and Renaissance proposals ‘tumble the balance’, Le Pen says


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The president of the RN deputies, Marine Le Pen, on Tuesday stressed her opposition to the proposals of the macronists and the LFI to constitutionalize voluntary termination of pregnancy. These requests “clearly upset the balance that existed on this issue,” she said. “Hell is paved with good intentions,” the far-right official wrote in a press release issued two days before the LFI’s proposal on the matter was considered.

“Despite the fact that Marine Le Pen opposes the extension of the term for abortion to 14 weeks, as voted a few months ago,” Marine Le Pen “feels that we must maintain the current balance and not engrave in our supreme text a provision that would lead to to longer or even disappearance of terms, and may also call into question the existing conscience clause for medical personnel,” says the presidential candidate, picking up on arguments contested by the majority and the left.

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In addition, “it seems completely insane to start a debate that, if it exists in the United States, does not exist in France, no political force is considering the issue of access to abortion,” she continues.

LFI condemns “anti-democratic filibuster”

Faced with the proposal of the LFI, which wants to include in the Constitution that “no one shall violate the right to voluntary termination of pregnancy and contraception,” the RN group alternates the filibuster strategy with several off-topic amendments, especially against immigration, and balancing this sensitive issue in their ranks.

Despite his disagreement with the texts of the LFI and the Renaissance, Marine Le Pen therefore proposes to include in the preamble of the Constitution the commitment of the French people to the current abortion law by technically referring to the provisions of the Health Code. . However, this Code is subject to change.

During the presidential election, Marine Le Pen defended a “moratorium of at least three years” on social issues, while some members of her party have openly opposed abortion in the past. For its part, La France insoumise denounced the “anti-democratic obstacles” to its texts on Thursday’s agenda, a total of 233 amendments to a proposal to constitutionalize abortion and 566 amendments to a proposal aimed at banning bullfighting, especially from the RN and LR.

Source: Le Parisien

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