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Social Security Budget: RN Won’t Vote LFI No Confidence This Time


A recalcitrant France won’t have to deal with cumbersome RN support. And you will have to do without many welcome supports. After voting in four no-confidence votes from the left, a group of RN MPs announced on Tuesday that they would not support the new LFI move against the government and its welfare budget. “No triviality. Moreover, for this reason, no vote of no confidence is brought. And then, it doesn’t make much sense, 49.3 was used in the first reading, it’s normal that there is for the future, ”Marin Le Pen’s entourage indicates.

During the re-reading of the draft budget for 2023, Sekou Elisabeth Bourne on Monday assumed her government’s responsibility for the budget text in the Assembly for the fifth time by drawing Article 49.3 of the Constitution. The LFI deputies immediately condemned “another forced passage” and announced a new vote of no confidence.

Socialists shouldn’t vote for this either.

The leftist socialist group does not want to sign or vote for it and prefers to reserve a joint proposal with the leftist Nupes coalition at the very end of the budget debate in December. Ecologists are on the brink: they also do not intend to sign it and have not yet decided on the issue of voting for their troops. Suffice it to say that a vote of no confidence has no chance of being put to a vote in its current form.

On November 4, the LFI’s latest no-confidence vote won only 188 votes, a far cry from the absolute majority of 289 deputies needed to overthrow the government. She was still getting RN support. Thus, in the name of the “national interest”, the far-right group supported the left-wing votes of no confidence four times, the first time with unexpected effect on 24 October. He has stuck to that line so far, before the new LFI move was considered a priori on Friday night. Elizabeth Bourne can sleep peacefully.

Source: Le Parisien



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