PoliticsEnergy prices: mayors worried before winter, “we save on...

Energy prices: mayors worried before winter, “we save on everything!”


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At the entrance to the Salon des Maires de France, Pierre Pecoul presented the program in search of “solutions to save some money on operating costs and investments.” The mayor of Riom (Puy-de-Dôme, 20,000 inhabitants), “a little helpless”, made his reports: “We are in the process of doubling the energy budget from 1 million euros to a minimum of 2 million euros. We grumble at everything! »

This Wednesday, Emmanuel Macron intends to devote most of his visit (a walk among the stands, but not a speech) to the Salon des Maires to the ecological transition. But this will necessarily be associated with rising energy prices and the accumulation of bills. Because this is a topic that worries mayors who are faced with a crisis and the recent repeal of taxes transferred to municipalities.

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“We are greatly affected by rising energy prices! confirms Denis Muk, mayor of Meuniel-Montigny (Oise, 2700 inhabitants), member of the presidential Renaissance party. As with many municipalities, public lights are off between 11:00 pm and 5:00 am in Mainley. Enough to save €16,000 a year (based on current prices) as an elected official gears up for €100,000 extra spending in their 2023 budget. Am I exercising less? For culture? Do I close the gym three days a week? Or a pool? If we do this, what will be left of our life together? pleads the vice-president of the Association of Mayors of France (AMF) André Leinel.

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Everyone is worried about investments. According to centrist mayor Cécile Gallien, the construction of a nursing home in Voret-sur-Arzon (Haut-Loire) is under threat. In Francheville (Rhône), LR MP Sophie Panyu says she is “forced to abandon” the park’s development project. What about school renovations? urges his colleague, Claire Cousin. Suffice it to say that despite the announcement at the end of October by Elisabeth Bourne (expected this Thursday, November 24th at the AMF Congress) of the “electric damper”, which many want to know more about, the executive branch is firmly expected here.

Source: Le Parisien

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