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‘A Question of Humanity’: Caron Defends Ban on Bullfighting Before Examining Text


This is a decisive day for the future of bullfighting in France. Officially banned, but allowed by law in some cities in the name of tradition, MP Aymeric Caron wants to ban the practice throughout the territory. To do this, the elected representative of the La France insoumise group, which proposes the corresponding law, relies on the so-called parliamentary niche. This is the day when the opposition group can set the agenda. Debates must end at midnight.

Responding this Thursday to RMC and BFMTV, the former journalist explains that the choice of this topic was preferred over others mainly because of this parliamentary niche principle. It’s an issue that can be “quickly resolved,” as opposed to, he says, a ban on industrial farms. Bullfighting “is not the absolute priority of the group. We have a bill to constitutionalize abortion, a minimum wage of 1,600 euros, the reintegration of caregivers… But the environment is also an important marker of rebellious France,” he explained.

“Making an animal suffer is undesirable in a civilized society”

“To cancel bullfighting is a question of humanity,” the chosen one also launched. “It calls into question our attitude towards the animal. I think we all agree that making an animal suffer is undesirable in a civilized society.”

“Today, bullfighting is banned in France. In 1951, an exception had to be made to allow some cities to organize them. But even this tradition is called into question, because it is a Spanish tradition imported in the 19th century, Emeric Caron recalled.

When asked about traditions coming from other countries, and when it is thus offered a comparison with couscous – “couscous is not a French tradition, and it becomes one”, explains Apollin de Malherbe, his interviewer, – the deputy answers : “We have enriched ourselves with the cultures of others. I will not criticize the traditions of other countries. Couscous doesn’t kill anyone. But when the legislator relies on tradition, (in this file) it doesn’t hold. »

However, there is strong uncertainty about the possibility of passing the bill. The agenda and the vote are a double hurdle that needs to be overcome. “Honestly, it can pass when you look at the vote balance. This is absolute uncertainty,” said Emeric Caron. He also believes that the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, “clearly” stepped out of his role, saying that “there will be no ban.” “The decision on what I call barbarism is up to Parliament. Not a decree for the president,” the deputy condemned.

“We have only one problem: the opponents of this law are playing anti-parliamentarism. We have 600 amendments (Editor’s note: 566 total), some of which are bizarre. The MP, in particular, cited one of these amendments as an example, which proposes to ban bullfighting “at temperatures below 0°C”. And to remind you that “at midnight the debate ends.” The risk that the discussion will drag out due to the number of amendments and that its text will not even be put to a vote is a serious hypothesis.

Source: Le Parisien



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