PoliticsMcKinsey case: Veran denies any government 'drift' or 'abuse'

McKinsey case: Veran denies any government ‘drift’ or ‘abuse’


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He is not on the same line as his counterpart. Olivier Véran, a government spokesman, took a opposing view of Economy Minister Bruno Le Meur on Monday on court disclosures of possible favoritism that private firm McKinsey could take on government contracts. Thus, the former Minister of Health refutes any “drift” or “abuse”.

Remarks that run counter to those of Bruno Le Maire, who on Sunday acknowledged “abuses” and “drift” in the past in ministries’ significant appeal to consulting firms to carry out public policy.

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The courts have opened two judicial investigations into the interference of consulting firms in the election campaigns of Emmanuel Macron in 2017 and 2022. The aim is to try to find out if they did not then enjoy an undue advantage in awarding public contracts.

The state no longer has “sufficient skills to manage everything on its own”

“I don’t know what drift or abuse is, I know that when I had to catch up with Germany in the vaccination campaign (against Covid-19)“I approached a company that had just advised Germany on the development of vaccination centers,” Olivier Veran, who was Minister of Health from February 2020 to May 2022, told France Inter.

He talked about the processes “which are super clear and transparent” in attributions. “It’s not that I say I disagree or disagree” with Bruno Le Maire, but that during the Covid-19 crisis, “we really, really didn’t have a choice,” he continued.

Recalling President Emmanuel Macron’s slogan “to reduce the number of contracts with private firms”, he expressed regret that the state no longer has “sufficient skills to manage everything on its own.” “There were programs to reduce civil servants, which were heralded by some presidents,” he recalled. At that time, “the state believed that it should no longer maintain civil servants (…) and that it would turn to the private sector when necessary,” he lamented.

Source: Le Parisien

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