PoliticsXavier Bertrand wants France to stay in the Sahel...

Xavier Bertrand wants France to stay in the Sahel to fight radical Islamism, “ideology of death”


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The parallels between the Western disengagement in Afghanistan and the French military presence in the Sahel continue. Xavier Bertrand wished Wednesday that France does not make in the Sahel “the same mistake as the Americans in Afghanistan”, in order to continue to fight radical Islamism there, “ideology of death” similar according to him to Nazism.

He proposes to close the mosques which spread radical Islamism in France

“Do not make the same mistake in the Sahel as the Americans did in Afghanistan. France must continue, with the help of the Europeans, to assume its responsibilities there. It is there (…) that we prevent the risk of a dramatic explosion in the Sahel and a huge wave of refugees in Europe, ”said Xavier Bertrand from Chinon (Indre-et-Loire), where it commemorated a massacre of the Nazis in the neighboring commune of Maillé, on August 25, 1944.

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For the former minister of Nicolas Sarkozy, “what is happening in Afghanistan is not a civil war on the other side of the world. But it involves our values ​​and our future. There is a part of the security in our streets ”. It is therefore in his eyes “no question of a new diplomatic Munich because the Taliban have not changed in any way.”

For him, radical Islamism is an “ideology of death” like Nazism was. “Its purpose is to bring down Western civilization and its values”, he insisted, proposing in France to “prohibit” it, “to dissolve associations” which claim it, “to close mosques which disseminate them, to penally condemn the French who propagate them, and to expel those who are foreigners whether or not they are in a legal situation ”.

Tribute to the victims of the Nazis in Maillé

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Paying tribute to the 124 victims of the Nazi massacre in Maillé, he denounced the role of Marshal Pétain who, “by collaborating with this ideology of death which was Nazism, made the choice of dishonor and even to the worst of collaboration in the Shoah ”.

In this regard, he welcomed the speech in 1995 by former President Jacques Chirac at the Vel d’Hiv where he recognized the responsibility of the French state in the deportation of Jews, and that in 2008 by Nicolas Sarkozy on Maillé.


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