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Pensions: government intends to continue ‘reforms’, Veran claims

The executive power does not intend to restrain its political line. “Pension reform does not mean the abolition of reforms,” government spokesman Olivier Veran assured in an interview with a Sunday newspaper.

“Tomorrow there will be other reforms by us or by the governments that will replace us,” he told the weekly. Among these future texts, some “will be unpopular but necessary for the future of the country” and approved by “democratically (…) legitimate parliaments,” he insists.

Next Tuesday, the executive will face Day 10 of mobilization against pension reform, whose political future is now in the hands of the Constitutional Council as tensions mount in the streets. “We cannot allow the idea that violence would be a justified or understandable reaction,” Olivier Veran responded.

Following Emmanuel Macron, the spokesman also confirmed that the executive branch intends to cooperate with trade union forces, but against reform, on other issues. “We will not agree to a reduction at 64, but along with this issue there are many other significant issues for the French that we want to work on with them,” he said, referring to “post-career management.” , “professional retraining” or even “wage reassessment below the Smic level”.

Updated diary

The roadmap can still be slightly modified. Looking ahead, the Minister for Democratic Renewal said the government was going to “realign” the parliamentary agenda to “respond to the daily concerns of the French: access to doctors, closing classes, access to identity documents.”

In the absence of an absolute majority in the Assembly, “we also need to think about how to act without necessarily resorting to law systematically,” he adds, also calling for “better involvement of people in the decision-making process.” For example, “We are going to postpone the text on immigration and integration. This is a topic that it would be interesting to give the public a chance to reflect on.

Source: Le Parisien

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