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Megabassines de Sainte-Soline: activists call for gatherings in front of the prefectures

The main collectives behind the Sainte-Soline demonstration are calling for rallies this Thursday at 19:00 in front of all French prefectures. Bassine No thanks, the Paysanne Confederation and the Earth Revolt, which Gerald Darmanin wants to suppress, are trying to show their support for “two demonstrators in a coma, wounded in Sainte-Solin and the pension movement for an end to police violence,” says a joint press release. release.

This initiative echoes violence of rare intensity in the context of a rally against the construction of a new reservoir for intensive agricultural irrigation. More than 6,000 people, according to authorities, were preparing to invade the territory of the mega-basin and clashed with 3,200 gendarmes and police.

climate emergency

Collectives denounce the “concomitant brutality of the state’s response to the continuation of the pension movement and the mobilization of Sainte-Solin”, which “is in the process of branding the country’s history with a red iron”. Bassine Non Merci indicates that 200 people received shrapnel in the flesh and that one lost an eye and two others are still “between life and death”.

“This sense of urgency (climate) will only intensify as we continue to build infrastructure in this country, the consequences of which are such that they embody environmental and social violence that is no longer acceptable today,” assess the main collectives in the origin of the March 25 rally. This is according to them “We need to get back on the street. This time not focused on one meadow. »

Source: Le Parisien

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