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Pensions: almost 80 deputies punished for behavior in the Assembly

Pensions: almost 80 deputies punished for behavior in the Assembly

Pensions: almost 80 deputies punished for behavior in the Assembly

Debates about pension reform have been raging in the semi-cycle. During these exchanges, behavior “damaging the image of the institution” was noted, according to the staff of the National Assembly, its highest body, which this Wednesday sent a “call to order” to several dozen deputies, mainly Insumis.

The weakest disciplinary sanction provided for by the regulations, the call to order “will be addressed individually to the interested deputies,” the Chairman of the Assembly specified in a press release. About eighty deputies will be punished in this way, a source in the parliament said.

These include “deputies who waved signs or opposed the intervention of bailiffs” on March 16, “thus causing unrest,” the press release said. On that day, in a deafening noise, the deputies of Nupes waved signs “64 years, that’s not” in a half cycle, sang “La Marseillaise”, disrupting the speech of Prime Minister Elisabeth Bourne, who came to call 49.3.

“A new act of authoritarianism,” denounces the LFI.

Calls for order are also addressed to the MPs, who communicated on social networks during the closed joint debate of the joint joint committee (JCC) between MPs and senators on March 15 on the reform. Here again, the deputies from Nyupe.

In addition, several deputies were called to order for “violating the rules of communication with the outside world from the half cycle” during a report broadcast on France 2, for which they put on lavalier microphones. According to a source in the Parliament, the MP Aurelien Pradier and the socialist Artur Delaporte are especially concerned.

The Bureau, which includes representatives from various political groups, made the decision “by consensus other than the LFI,” the participant said. The highest body of the Assembly “wants to solemnly declare its disapproval of such actions that humiliate the image of the institution and through it affect democracy,” according to a press release from the presidency. In addition to individual calls for order, all MEPs will receive a letter “reminding them of all the rules designed to define and guide” their behaviour.

A group of LFI deputies condemned the sanctions, describing them as “a new act of authoritarianism on the part of a bunkered political power, unable to understand that popular and parliamentary protest on this issue will not stop without the repeal of the reform.”

Source: Le Parisien

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