PoliticsExcluded from LREM and its parliamentary group, MP Martine...

Excluded from LREM and its parliamentary group, MP Martine Wohner launches her own training


His last positions had earned him a new exclusion. The anti-health pass deputy Martine Wonner, fired from her group at the National Assembly after remarks calling for “invading” the offices of parliamentarians, launched her own training in Alsace on Tuesday.

“This moment is a solemn moment, I am launching ‘Ensemble pour les Libertés’ (EPL) which is a rallying force,” said Matine Wonner in Wiwersheim, a village in the Bas-Rhin in the heart of his constituency, where around thirty supporters had come to support her.

“It is neither a movement, nor a political party” but a “citizen rallying force because for very long months, the citizens who are mobilizing ever more numerous, everywhere in France, demand it”, explained this ex -member of the Freedoms and Territories group, now not registered with the Assembly. Five lines of thought structure it: health, economy, “making society”, territories and digital, detailed Martine Wonner, without immediately specifying the number of members.

The citizens are “in the rejection of the current political parties,” she continued. This gathering defends a particular vision and values ​​(…) of benevolence and respect for all citizens, whatever their decisions ”. The MP explained that EPL intended to defend “all freedoms”.

“I am not” antivax “, I have never been and I never will be”

“We are on the eve of September 15. Tomorrow, caregivers (…), firefighters, will no longer have the right to exercise their profession (…) In which country do we live? “, She continued, while the vaccination obligation concerning them comes into force on Wednesday. This law, which applies according to her “like a cleaver”, will prevent her from practicing at the association where this training psychiatrist continues to consult a few hours a week, she said. “I am not” anti-tax “, I have never been and I never will be,” however insisted Martine Wonner, before criticizing the “liberticidal drift” of the government since March 2020.

EPL “will have a candidate for the legislative elections”, she still assured, without further details, when asked if she was going to stand for the legislative elections of 2022. Former rebellion of the presidential majority, elected under the label LREM in 2017, Martine Wonner, 57, was ostracized from the presidential party in May 2020 after voting against the deconfinement plan. Customary with controversial statements, she recently provoked a new outcry by calling for “the seat of parliamentarians”, leading her group Freedoms and Territories to exclude it.


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