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Pensions: deputies voted in the committee against the abolition of pensions at 64

Rarely has the study of a text generated so much attention. Submitted to the Committee on Social Affairs, Article 1 of the bill of the Lyot centrist group, aimed at the abolition of the pension reform’s delay in the coming of age, was finally excluded in the committee. Thus, the retirement age of 64 is preserved by law.

Particular attention during this check was drawn to 8 deputies of the Republic of Lithuania, who were members of the commission. Because Republicans can influence the vote on Article 1 of this bill, which eliminates retirement at 64. What stage is now left for the bill? This will be considered at the meeting on June 8, the day of the parliamentary niche of the Lyot group (the day when the opposition group controls the agenda of the Assembly).

On the eve of the chairman of the financial committee of Insoumis, Eric Cockerell declared acceptable the text of the repeal of the law, bringing the year of retirement to 64 years, adopted by the Lyot group. The decision of the elected Seine-Saint-Denis was hardly in doubt, despite the final pressure from the executive branch.

At the same time, the majority group condemned the “partisan decision” and “a serious attack on our institutions.” “The unacceptability of the bill of the LIOT group is beyond doubt,” objected the deputies from Vozrozhdeniye. in a press release.

Source: Le Parisien

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