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LFI MP Louis Boyard wants to stop Netflix from banning account sharing

This is not the first time MP Louis Boyard has exposed himself on social media. On Thursday, the elected representative of France, Insoumise, posted a new video on his Twitter account. In the latter, he assures that he will file an invoice so that Netflix does not ban account sharing.

“Netflix wants to disable account sharing? I am going to introduce a bill to prevent this from happening,” says the deputy from the 3rd constituency of Val-de-Marne. “When there are two or three of us on the same account, often we don’t all have the means to pay our own account, and young people are a good example of this. So yes, the exchange between families and friends is solidarity, it is popular culture,” the elected official says in his video.

“You who don’t pay taxes in France (…) at least let the French split your bills”

After announcing the end of free account sharing on May 23rd, Netflix will be implementing its restriction policy shortly. “Borrowers” ​​of French accounts will gradually be deprived of free access. They will then be presented with various subscription formulas. “This ban on account sharing is all the more obscene when we see inflation and poverty explode in our country, while last year Netflix earned over a billion turnovers,” says Louis Boyard.

“So no Netflix, this is not Ko Lanta, we don’t change the rules of the game at the last moment (…) You who do not pay taxes in France, who do not want to share your wealth in our country, at least let the French share their bills,” says the LFI MP, who did not give any details about the timing of his submission of the bill.

Source: Le Parisien

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