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Accused of rape, kidnapping and violence against young women, Senate officer in prison.

From the gold items of the Luxembourg Palace to the dungeons of the prison. Such is the fall of L.-G.R., parliamentary collaborator of the Renaissance senator and lecturer at the Parisian Sciences-Po. According to a judicial source, the 26-year-old young man with a brilliant student and professional background was charged this Friday evening, June 9, by a Parisian investigating judge with, inter alia, “aggravated rape”, “arrest, kidnapping and kidnapping”, “violence”, “introduction of harmful substances”.

He was placed in a pre-trial detention center in accordance with the requirements of the Paris prosecutor’s office. At this stage of the investigation, at least six victims have been identified.

“He is a man who has no limits and who gravitates to all areas of life”

L.-G.R. was arrested Wednesday in Paris by investigators from the 3rd arrondissement of the Paris Judicial Police, his home and office in the Senate were searched. At least six young women, some of whom work in political circles, denounced the relationship of influence with this political adviser, which consisted of extreme sexual harassment, regular violence, humiliation and threats.

Some of them also testified that they were forced and beaten to stay in the young man’s apartment, located near the Senate, during fits of jealousy or quarrels. The investigating judge has now abandoned the case of rape of three applicants and violence against six. “He is a man who has no limits and who gravitates towards all walks of life, from high school to politics. I am one complaint among many,” one of the six complainants told Factual.

The criminal prosecution for the introduction of harmful substances was also retained by the investigating judge, as LGR is suspected of knowingly transmitting the virus during a sexual relationship with one of the young women. The young man has served in the Senate since 2018, first with a Republican senator and then for two years on behalf of a presidential majority senator.

At the same time, this passionate entrepreneur also taught graduate courses in public relations at Sciences-Po Paris. The prestigious school on Rue Saint-Guillaume announced the termination of cooperation with the young man. Contacted by lawyer L.-G.R. did not wish to make any statements at this stage.

Source: Le Parisien

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