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For Eric Zemmour, migrants from Lampedusa are “invaders.”

During the 2022 presidential campaign, Eric Zemmour was criticized for his lack of compassion for Ukrainian refugees at the start of the Russian invasion. “Without a doubt, this was the mistake that cost me the most,” he analyzed retrospectively in his book “I Didn’t Say My Last Word” (Rubempre). Not enough to change this one iota for the migrants arriving by the thousands on the Italian island of Lampedusa, where the head of the list of reconquests for Europeans, Marion Marechal, went.

According to the President of Reconquête, guest this Sunday 17 September in the program “BFM Politique” on BFMTV in partnership with Le Parisien: Today in France, migrants should also be called “invaders”.

“I have compassion and empathy for the French people”

“These people are not victims. They are entrepreneurs in exile. These are people who can pay 5,000 euros, 10,000 euros for travel. (…) We have to stop persecuting these people,” he insists, expressing no emotion about the often very difficult human situations. “I have compassion and sympathy for the French who were invaded and in danger of drowning. (…) an absolutely huge population, a different people,” he suggests.

The President of the Italian Council, Giorgia Meloni, also made a very harsh speech, promising a “naval blockade” during the Italian legislative elections. Asked about the gap between the firmness of his position and his actions and experience on migration issues, Eric Zemmour did not want to suppress the head of the Italian government, with whom he would like to get closer in the European Parliament.

“Italy is hugely dependent on the huge loan that the European Commission has given it. So she’s a little cautious. The European Commission is carrying out financial blackmail against Italy,” laments the president of Reconquête, who adds: “Madame Meloni is not in our situation: the immigrants you see do not stay in Italy. (…) They go to France for social benefits and to England if they want to work. (…) Mrs. Meloni doesn’t have the same problems we do. “What does not prevent him from making the paradoxical conclusion that on the issue of migration “the whole of Europe is in mortal danger.”

Source: Le Parisien

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