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Anne-Sophie Pelletier expelled due to harassment: rebel MEP files libel complaint

Anne-Sophie Pelletier expelled due to harassment: rebel MEP files libel complaint

Anne-Sophie Pelletier expelled due to harassment: rebel MEP files libel complaint

She says she was the victim of “unfounded accusations.” MEP Anne-Sophie Pelletier, expelled on Monday by the delegation of European elected officials from France Insoumise (LFI) for harassment, announced in a press release on Friday that she would file a complaint for gross libel and condemn the party’s “anti-democratic practices”.

The elected official, who learned “from reading LFI’s press release” of the reasons for her removal, “vigorously disputes the serious allegations brought against her,” the press release broadcast on Channel X stated.

A complaint of aggravated public libel with the creation of a civil suit will be filed in the coming days in a Paris court, his lawyer Sabrina Goldman said.

“Offensive, inappropriate and aggressive” behavior

A delegation of rebel MEPs announced on Monday the expulsion of Anne-Sophie Pelletier due to “abusive, inappropriate and aggressive behavior” towards thirteen parliamentary aides since 2019.

Recalling that she was “fully acquitted by the President of the European Parliament” on November 16, 2021, “following an investigation by the anti-harassment committee,” Anne-Sophie Pelletier “condemns the anti-democratic practices of France Insoumise.”

She regrets the lack of “controversial debate that would allow her to respond to the unfounded accusations of which she has once again become a victim.” “Anne-Sophie Pelletier believes that her suspension is related to her decision to vote in favor of the European Parliament resolution of October 19 aimed at condemning Hamas following the October 7 attack on Israel, which LFI opposed,” the press release clarifies.

Is the situation similar to Raquel Garrido’s?

“The MEP has already expressed her disagreement with France Insoumise’s policy line on several occasions and has been pressured to comply with the voting instructions without questioning them,” it adds.

Anne-Sophie Pelletier sees similarities between her situation and that of LFI MP for Seine-Saint-Denis Raquel Garrido, who was sanctioned in October by her group in the National Assembly.

He was accused of damaging the “good collective functioning of the parliamentary group” by “spreading false information in the press” or “interrogating and slandering ad hominem several members of the group.”

Raquel Garrido was also accused of “humiliating collaborators” in the Assembly. The MP claims that she was sanctioned for expressing disagreement with “the way La France insoumise was managed during the year.”

Source: Le Parisien

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