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Legislature: PS boss Olivier Faure “supports Raquel Garrido” not invested by LFI

Legislature: PS boss Olivier Faure “supports Raquel Garrido” not invested by LFI

Legislature: PS boss Olivier Faure “supports Raquel Garrido” not invested by LFI

Faced with an investment battle, Olivier Faure made a decision. “I support Raquel Garrido,” the first secretary of the Socialist Party said Monday morning on the website franceinfo. The rebel elected official – like several other outgoing LFI MPs – was not reinvested by his party in the 5th constituency of Seine-Saint-Denis, prompting a torrent of criticism from the New Popular Front this weekend.

Raquel Garrido said she is still running against rebel official candidate Ali Diouara. The latter stands out for his tweets in which he called Raphael Glucksmann, head of the PS – Place Publique list in the European legislative elections, a “Zionist candidate.”

“For me there is no hesitation, I support Raquel Garrido against this candidate,” commented Olivier Faure, “I support someone who has always followed in the footsteps of all the great Republicans, from Jaurès to today. »

Jérôme Guedge “candidate of the New Popular Front”

He also claimed to have “challenged” the criticized candidacy of rebel anti-fascist candidate Raphael Arnault in the first constituency of Vaucluse. “There also stands in front of him a candidate who for me personifies the values ​​of the Popular Front. And it is for him that I urge you to vote,” he said.

Olivier Faure also spoke out on the case of MP Jérôme Guedge, elected Socialist for the 6th constituency of Essonne. The latter announced that he refused to run under the banner of the New Popular Front, rejecting his party’s alliance with the LFI.

The outgoing MP will face Generations candidate Hella Kribi-Romdane, who has announced she is running “on behalf of the New Popular Front” with a replacement from LFI. But, according to Olivier Faure, the candidates opposing Jerome Guedge “do not have the support of the Popular Front, they have fallen into dissent.”

“The Popular Front candidate in this constituency is Jerome Guedge, and he is the only one who can count on our support,” he assures. “His fight over two years with us has been exemplary and there is no reason to try to force him to win. On the contrary, we should support him because he is one of the voices supporting the left. »

Source: Le Parisien

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