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Legislature: Alliance Police Union Slams ‘Anti-Police’ Candidates in Open Letter

Legislature: Alliance Police Union Slams ‘Anti-Police’ Candidates in Open Letter

Legislature: Alliance Police Union Slams ‘Anti-Police’ Candidates in Open Letter

The Alliance Police Nationale union is taking part in early legislative elections. The union, which calls itself “free, independent and apolitical”, declares – in an open letter obtained by Le Parisien and broadcast on Thursday morning – an “alarm signal against the notorious “ANTI-FLIX” (sic). Even if it is not the New Popular Front, the union, which has been close to the French far right for 20 years, is implicitly attacking left-wing coalition candidates for legislative elections.

“The National Police Alliance, a responsible union that protects police officers, no longer wants these demeaning declarations that are common among some outgoing MPs and new candidates poised to claim a few votes,” criticizes the union body. “The Alliance National Police are outraged that pseudo-political activists are wiping their feet on the value of the Republic while we are its first servants and last strongholds,” the press release further states.

Down with the cops, half-forgiven suicidal cop, everyone hates the police, Killer police, Police kill…, there are so many statements that need to be condemned without remaining universally indifferent,” the fiery press release continues.

Find candidates in your district and find out the results of the first round of legislative elections in June 30 at 20:00 Paris, Lyon, Marseilles and throughout France.

Protection and safe discharge

“If these same elected officials believe that the police are dangerous, if they think they are executioners, the National Police Alliance asks them to sign a protection and safety waiver making clear that they do not want to be protected in the face of proven threats. to their personality,” the police union also offers these candidates.

On the other hand, in this open letter, the Alliance adds that it will “continue to support all elected officials who support their police officers, regardless of their affiliation.”

The Alliance union came under fire from parts of the political class during the unrest that followed the death of young Nael in June 2023 for issuing, along with other police unions, a press release describing the rioters as “harmful”. .

Source: Le Parisien

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