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Legislative branch: Macron believes that programs of the “two extremes” lead to “civil war”

Legislative branch: Macron believes that programs of the “two extremes” lead to “civil war”

Legislative branch: Macron believes that programs of the “two extremes” lead to “civil war”

The programs of the “two extremes” are leading “to civil war”: Emmanuel Macron attacked his rivals head-on on Monday, six days before legislative elections, in response to poll favorite RN Jordan Bardella, who vowed the seriousness of his project and said, that he is “ready” to rule the country.

Find candidates in your district and find out the results of the first round of legislative elections in June 30 at 20:00 Paris, Lyon, Marseilles and throughout France.

In a new speech with the podcast “Generation Do It Yourself,” the President of the Republic does not hesitate to speak out in favor of the National Rally and La France insoumise.

“The reaction of the extreme right” in terms of insecurity, “because it refers people to religion or origin, (…) it divides and pushes towards civil war,” said the state leader.

On the contrary, La France insoumise offers “its own form of communitarianism… a little electoral,” “but behind it there is also a civil war, because it, first of all, refers people exclusively to their religious or social affiliation,” he added.

“I think this is a danger, and that is why I think that the National Rally and La France insoumise are responding to real problems,” “real anger, real anxieties, those that the person who says they My security issue was not answeredthe one who says that II am not recognized or protected because I am a Muslim “, assessed the President of the Republic. But they “in my opinion react poorly,” “exacerbating conflicts and civil war.”

“Hate is like fuel”

Civil War ? “The President of the Republic should not say this. I want to restore security for all French people,” reacted Jordan Bardella on M 6. The President of the National Rally called back the Macronists about the “unrest” that “hit all the cities very hard” in the summer of 2023, after the death of Nael. , a 17-year-old young man killed by police during a road check in Nanterre (Hautes-de-Seine).

Emmanuel Macron is “always there” to “stoke the fire,” Jean-Luc Mélenchon also responded on France 2. “The civil war at the moment is the one who started it in New Caledonia,” added Insoumis, advising the president “seven turn your tongue around in your mouth once,” before speaking.

In response to a question from France 5, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal did not use the terms of civil war used by Emmanuel Macron, but criticized the RN and LFI for using “hatred as fuel” and promoting “pitting one against the other” through “form confessionalization of politics.”

“It is likely that a victory for the extreme, the far right, will release impulses and could actually lead to violence,” Mr. Attal added.

Faced with “extremes,” Emmanuel Macron insisted in a podcast on “a response with greater efficiency, but within the framework of the Republic.”

“When we are tired of everything, when life is hard every day, we can be tempted by extremes that have a quicker solution. But the solution will never be to refuse the other,” the Head of State insisted.

According to him, “compared to those who are tempted by the two extremes, what we must do in the next two or three years is to say: we must be much firmer, much stronger where the Republic fails to provide security and impunity. “.

In addition, he says he wants to be “much stronger and more effective where the Republic does not provide equal opportunity.”

“People are not idiots. The whole system thinks people are stupid.” “Do you think people are crazy and want blockages or extremes if we calmly explain what these projects are? I don’t think so, I have always made such a bet,” said the Head of State.

Source: Le Parisien

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