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Legislature: Sandrine Rousseau calls on New Popular Front to ‘reveal names’ of Matignon candidates

Legislature: Sandrine Rousseau calls on New Popular Front to ‘reveal names’ of Matignon candidates

Legislature: Sandrine Rousseau calls on New Popular Front to ‘reveal names’ of Matignon candidates

Four days after the New Popular Front won first place in the legislative elections, it says it is still ready to govern, but with what team? While negotiations continue within the left-wing alliance to name a prime minister, ecologist MP Sandrine Rousseau is calling for the process to be accelerated, believing that time is running out. “I think we are taking too long, now we have to name names,” she said on RMC this Thursday.

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Reacting first to Emmanuel Macron’s letter to the French, published on Wednesday, in which he believes that “nobody won” on Sunday and calls for the creation of a broad coalition of republican forces, Sandrine Rousseau saw in it the message of “a man who does not want to accept the slightest defeat” and who “continues to be rude.”

If the head of state had asked the left-wing alliance to name a prime minister, the choice would have been made, said an elected official from Paris, re-elected in the first round of legislative elections. “All the discussions are also being conducted in such democratic uncertainty, where we do not know what will happen. We hear that there will be votes of censure if there is a LFI minister, blockades in the Assembly…”, she complained.

But the left-wing alliance is also contributing to the current blockade, she continued. “We are losing ground” by delaying the announcement of the choice of prime minister, “we are in a sense worried that we cannot form a team and a government,” insisted the elected official from Paris, re-elected as prime minister in the first round. Although the formation of a government has slowed since the election, “yes, we bear our share of responsibility in this matter,” Sandrine Rousseau acknowledged.

“No time for what’s happening”

The New Popular Front was originally a “social, mass, civil movement,” but now “we are dealing with quite complex distribution issues, which in reality do not correspond to what is happening in the country,” stressed the MP, who also confirmed that she is a candidate for the post of President of the National Assembly.

If the bloc nevertheless remains “very much alive”, “the same story always happens on the left”, she lamented: “We are here to give momentum or to find out who will be in front of the bloc, what kind of hegemony will there be? Will it be from one or the other?” “We must not fall into this trap, this is our responsibility today”, she weighed. However, “I have the impression that everyone is fanning the flames”, the ecologist insisted, saying he hoped that in the long term “we will arrive at a peaceful country” and emerge from “a situation that seems extremely unstable”.

“There is impatience on my part, I think we need to name a name,” Sandrine Rousseau reiterated shortly after on Europe 1. “Then we will come to an agreement,” she assured, stressing that “… coalitions are always a bit complicated.” Before insisting: “I really encourage the left-wing parties not to play for the hegemony of the left or the superiority of one over the other, but to really play for the cohesion and solidity of the New Popular Front.”

At the same time, Mathilde Panaud assured on the franceinfo website that “nothing has stalled” in the discussions on the choice of the head of government. “We are approaching this issue methodically. (…) We are taking the time to propose something solid,” explained the recently reappointed president of the rebel group in the Assembly. The “government team” will be presented “by the end of the week,” she assured. Shortly after, on the same channel, rebel MEP Manon Aubry said that the questionnaire would be presented quickly, “within a few hours.”

Source: Le Parisien

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