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“Legislative pact”, “technical agreement”… The right’s way back to the heart of the political game

“Legislative pact”, “technical agreement”… The right’s way back to the heart of the political game

“Legislative pact”, “technical agreement”… The right’s way back to the heart of the political game

“Legislative pact” with “proposed laws” for the “revalorization of working France”. This is the course set by Laurent Wauquiez on Wednesday, July 10, a few minutes before the publication of Emmanuel Macron’s letter to the French. On the other hand, the new president of the LR group in the Assembly rules out participation in “government coalitions”, described as “a combination of apparatus”. With a red line: the Republican leader does not want a minister from “La France” in the government, whom he threatens to censor if necessary.

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A proposal that echoes the “technical agreement” between the presidential camp and the Republicans, mentioned by Edouard Philippe on Tuesday evening on TF1. Nothing to do with the hypothesis of a government made up of experts: here too, the objective is to agree with the Macronists on a roadmap to “move forward and manage the affairs of the country for at least one year (…) and avoid “a government resulting from the New Popular Front with the LFI”.

On the other hand, unlike Laurent Wauquiez, the boss of Horizons has nothing against the idea of ​​having a right-wing prime minister: “I would have no problem if he left this coalition,” he concluded. Not seeking to join the government, as the leader of the LR deputies wants, is also not to the taste of their former boss Olivier Marlet, who advocated in the columns of “Figaro” for the appointment of a prime minister from their camp.

Proposals that are not unanimous

This attempt to bring the Republicans back into the game after the far-right’s barrier allowed them to limit damage in the legislative elections has not found unanimity. Having registered the “death” of the party between the two rounds, the deputy Laux Aurélien Pradier made his position clear during his return to the National Assembly on Tuesday: “I invite you to pronounce the word “Republicans” on your lips. ” It’s an old story, which has been a happy story for some time. The ideas of the Gaullist right must survive, and for them to survive, we must get out of these little shackles,” he told the press.

The proposals of the right-wing tenors also divide the Macronists. Gérald Darmanin, Bruno Le Maire, Edouard Philippe, Aurore Berger, Maud Brejon, Mathieu Lefebvre, Benjamin Haddad… the right wing of the Renaissance is on their side. But many want to place the cursor in the center. The deputies elected under the banner of the Renaissance hoped that this Wednesday, July 10, from the new National Assembly elected on Sunday, a “project coalition, from the Social Democrats to a right-wing government” would emerge. The elected officials add that they are “committed to ensuring the existence of this alliance as long as it does not include rebellious France.”

Representative of the left wing of the presidential camp before the elections, MP Sacha Houllier, said on Wednesday that he would not “sit” in the “Renaissance” group, explaining that he was “working” on the constitution of another group, from “the social right to the left socialists”. According to the MP from Vienne, at least “forty” Macronist MPs have not yet joined the future Renaissance group in the Assembly.

Source: Le Parisien

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