PoliticsIn Nice, Emmnuel Macron defends his balance sheet and...

In Nice, Emmnuel Macron defends his balance sheet and inflates the budget by 15 billion euros over five years


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Twice as many police officers on the ground, better trained and better equipped … Three months before the presidential election, the Head of State Emmanuel Macron went to Nice, to visit the former Saint-Roch hospital, site of a future “police hotel”. The quasi-candidate for the Elysee defended his security record and presented his projects on security for nearly two hours, without making a single reference to the presidential campaign. The head of state, among other things, announced an increase of 15 billion euros over five years in the security budget. 20 Minutes takes stock of these big announcements.

+ 25% for the security budget

Emmanuel Macron has therefore announced an increase of 15 billion euros over five years in the security budget. The 15 billion, an increase of 25% compared to the current budget, will be provided for in a bill “Lopmi” (“law of orientation and programming of the Ministry of the Interior”), announced the president. If the right denounces the “security Waterloo” of the Macron five-year term, the Head of State argued that he had for “the past five years, in accordance with the commitment that [‘il] avai [t] taken, reinvested in our security ”. “There is a right to a quiet life and that we do not give in to any incivility whatsoever; it is still necessary to put the means there ”, defended the Head of State in front of elected officials, associations, members of the police forces and the Nice people, recalling the 10,000 creation of posts in the police force and the renewal of the vehicle fleet since 2017.

Doubling the number of police officers “on the ground by 2030”

Welcomed by the mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi, ex-LR rallied to his cause and architect of this future super-police station which will bring together municipal and national police, the Head of State announced the doubling of the number of police officers “in the field of ‘by 2030 “, in particular by the elimination of ancillary tasks and reorganizations which should make it possible to put” 3,000 more agents on the public highway “. 200 gendarmerie brigades will also be created in rural areas, which “may take the form of new types of implantation with experiments which will be launched in several departments”, as well as a “republican action force for neighborhoods” in order to to “secure” them and “to help dismantle” the points of the deal. It will be made up of police officers, judicial police officers (OPJ), finance officials, but also educational staff and social workers.

The generalization of fixed tort fines

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Emphasizing the financial effort devoted to justice, Emmanuel Macron recalled the 30% increase in his budget over the past five years, and announced a generalization of fixed tort fines (AFD) for offenses punishable by penalties of less than one year from prison. It will be “an element of simplification” which will allow “magistrates to concentrate on more important cases”.

Tripling of fines for street harassment

The Head of State has also said he wants to triple the fine for street harassment to 300 euros, an act which will be qualified as a “crime”, double the police presence in transport, and double the number in five years. investigators dedicated to domestic violence, to 4,000.

The creation of 1,500 cyber patroller positions

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Stressing the need for a “technological transformation”, the Head of State explained that he wanted to create a “digital agency for internal security forces” and 1,500 cyber patrol posts against attacks.

Construction of a single site for the DGSI

Emmanuel Macron also confirmed the construction of a single site accommodating all of the internal security intelligence services (DGSI). This unique site of the General Directorate of Internal Security will be located in Saint-Ouen (Seine-Saint-Denis), where the former premises of the newspaper were located. The Parisian, which were bought by the state. The Head of State specified that the creation of this unique site required “more than a billion euros of investment”.

From the outset, the right denounced a president “in the countryside” through the voice of Eric Ciotti, deputy of the Alpes-Maritimes and right-hand man of the candidate LR Valérie Pécresse, the candidate of RN Marine Le Pen qualifying Emmanuel Macron of “president of the wild ”. His far-right rival Eric Zemmour accused the president of wanting “an obese and powerless state in a country in permanent conflict” while he said he wanted “a respected state in a country at peace”.


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