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“Night of solidarity”, “social food security” and “gender budget”, the new initiatives of Mayor Pierre Hurmic


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Shake up (a little) the traditional ceremony of the vows. Far from the golden lounges of Bordeaux city hall, Pierre Hurmic spoke this year from the ballroom in the Grand Parc district on Tuesday. Basically, the mayor of Bordeaux devoted his back-to-school press conference to the themes of solidarity and culture, far from the subjects linked to mobility, housing or town planning usually mentioned on this occasion.

“Bordeaux has the duty to be a city fully united for the access of each one to his fundamental rights: the right to be safe, to feed oneself, to be clean and to be looked after” launched Pierre Hurmic. The first concrete achievement on this theme will take place from January 20, during the “night of solidarity”.

“Trying to bring the homeless in during the day”

The aim of this initiative, which has been launched, is to proceed with the INSEE and with the help of volunteers, to the census of homeless people, “to refine their needs in order to define solidarity policies adapted to our territory.” “” We want to better know and list those who sleep in the street at night in Bordeaux, “said Pierre Hurmic, adding that these are not the subject of” any statistics or any serious study. “” Nobody sees clearly [sur ce sujet], because these are people who are in the night, we are going to try to get them to come in the day. We want to hear them, listen to them. “

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“We know what is happening in the field of homelessness,” said his assistant in charge of access to rights and solidarity, Harmonie Lecerf. On the other hand, there is no total count of homeless people in Bordeaux. “

The municipality had calculated that it would need about 300 volunteers to carry out this operation. “To date, we have received 456 positive responses from volunteers,” said Pierre Hurmic. “Concretely,” adds his assistant, “we will form small teams of five to six people who, in groups, will cover the entire city. “

“It is estimated that in Bordeaux, 8,700 people would not have a mutual”

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The mayor of Bordeaux also announced the launch of an experiment in “social food security. “Everyone must be able to have access to sufficient quality food, local and organic as far as possible,” says Harmonie Lecerf. We are therefore going to strengthen food aid in this direction on the territory. “

In the same spirit, a “solidarity mutual” will also be tested. “We want to offer, through a group purchase from mutuals, mutual insurance contracts for the most disadvantaged people” explains the assistant. “It is estimated that in Bordeaux, 8,700 people would not have mutual insurance, in particular 13% of unemployed people, but there are even among employees. “

A “gendered budget” to ensure “an equal distribution of taxes”

Finally, Pierre Hurmic announced that a work “on a gendered budget” will also be launched in 2022, to apply to the fiscal year 2023. Clearly, the associations subsidized by the municipality will have to balance their activities so that those – here “are beneficial” to both women and men.

Contacted by 20 Minutes, the first financial assistant Claudine Bichet specifies that a “budget integrating the gender, is a budget where one ensures an equal distribution of the tax, because there is no reason that the tax levied benefits more strongly to one part of the population than to another. The elected official recognizes, however, that “there may be exceptions. “” We are not going to stop funding a club which practices a sport which mainly attracts boys. On the other hand, we can work with this actor so that he opens the practice as much as possible to a more female audience. “

“The idea, concludes Claudine Bichet, is how, gradually, we get our partners to integrate this gender issue into all of the actions they carry out. Now, we will already have to measure where we are starting from, and give ourselves a margin of progress over time. “


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