World Pope Francis sees himself dying "in Rome"

Pope Francis sees himself dying “in Rome”


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648x415 le pape francois lors d une messe au vatican le 17 fevrier 2021

Pope Francis during a mass at the Vatican, February 17, 2021. – Alessia Giuliani / AGF / SIPA

Pope Francis does not think of ending his days in his native Argentina. In a book called The health of the popes whose good sheets were published on Saturday in the Argentinian daily The nation, the sovereign pontiff said in fact to see himself die in Rome.

In an interview for the book with Argentinian journalist and physician Nelson Castro at the Vatican in February 2019, the pope also says he thinks about death, but does not fear it. Asked how he sees his own end, Francis, 84, replies: “I will be Pope, in office or emeritus. And in Rome. I will not go back to Argentina ”.

Vaccinated against Covid-19

The Argentine Pope has been vaccinated against Covid-19. In addition to his age, the leader of the 1.3 billion Catholics is considered a person at risk: at the age of 21, in 1957, he suffered from acute pleurisy and surgeons had to carry out the partial removal of his right lung. .

According to the author of the book The health of the popes. Doctor, plot and faith. From Leon XIII to François, which will be released on Monday in Argentina, “this is the first time that a pope has spoken of his health with the transparency with which Francis has done”. The former Archbishop of Buenos Aires, named Jorge Bergoglio, also affirms that he does not miss Argentina: “No, I do not miss her. I lived there for 76 years. What hurts me are its problems ”, in an allusion to the economic crisis that is shaking the South American country.

Consultations with a psychiatrist

Originally from a country which has the largest number of psychologists and psychoanalysts per capita, the sovereign pontiff also recounts having consulted a psychiatrist during the period of the dictatorship (1976-1983). He was then provincial of the Jesuits of Argentina and had to help “people in hiding to get them out of the country in order to save their lives”.

“For six months, I went to consult her once a week,” reveals the Pope. “She helped me situate myself in terms of how to deal with my fears at that time. Imagine what it was like to transport a person hidden in a car – barely concealed under a blanket – and pass three military checkpoints in the Campo de Mayo area, ”the largest barracks in the country. “The tension that this caused in me was enormous”, confides the Sovereign Pontiff.



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