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Prince Andrew’s lawyers attempt procedural flaw to avoid ‘sexual assault’ trial


Virginia Giuffre filed a civil “sexual assault” complaint against Prince Andrew while he was staying with Jeffrey Epstein. Under US law, the summons must be hand delivered to the accused. However, the son of Queen Elizabeth II took refuge with his mother in Balmoral, Scotland, the day after the complaint was filed in early August. He returned to Windsor, to the Royal Lodge, where he lives, but only left his home last week… to return to his mother’s Scottish residence. It was therefore impossible to give him the documents.

Virginia Giuffre’s lawyers have all the same mandated one of their collaborators to try to approach the Duke of York… with success according to them. Nevertheless, the effort was incredible to say the least.

Andrew is walking

The employee has indeed detailed in writing all his attempts, as required by law, a document that the plaintiff’s lawyers have made public. So, as relayed by the BBC, he showed up at the Royal Lodge in Windsor on August 26 at 9:30 a.m. After showing his business card to security, a police officer introduced himself to him, to tell him that he did not know where the prince’s secretary was. The security agents then explained to him that they had been ordered “not to accept any paper emanating from a legal process”. They still gave him the contact details of a lawyer… who never answered the phone.

Rebelote the next day. No one could take him to Prince Andrew, but this time the security official advised him to turn the documents over to one of the police officers, who would forward. This is what the collaborator did and Virginia Giuffre’s lawyers therefore consider that Prince Andrew has received the documents.

Except that, for the lawyers of the son of the Queen of England, this discount is not admissible and they hide behind British law. “We reiterate that our client reserves all their rights, including the right to challenge US jurisdiction (including on the basis of potentially faulty service),” they sent to the court, according to the Times. A US judge must rule on the validity of this delivery of documents.

A preliminary hearing is also scheduled to take place today in the civil case brought by Virginia Giuffre. Lawyers for the Duke of York have said they will not go. This weekend, Prince Andrew, who takes the risk of being tried by default, organized a hunting party in Balmoral with the Prince of Bahrain.

The father of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie has always denied having sexually assaulted Virginia Giuffre, nor even remembered her. In a testimony, the young woman explained the disgust that had caused her the sweat of Prince Andrew which covered her. Prince Andrew had replied, in a catastrophic interview for the BBC, that it could not be him, because he suffered from an illness preventing him from sweating …


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