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Protect against carjacking


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Without being paranoid, it is better to take a look around before opening your vehicle to avoid the risk of car-jacking. — Shutterstock/ City Presse

According to the 2019 “Living environment and security” survey, 198,000 households were victims of theft or attempted theft of a car during the year. It seems inevitable, this specific delinquency is also the subject of annual rankings aimed at identifying which models are the most targeted. In 2020, it is thus the DS7, Renault Mégane RS and Renault Clio which reach the podium of this sad ranking.
Unless you have a private garage (and more), and opt for a car over-equipped with security systems, it is however difficult to protect yourself from this kind of event. On the other hand, it is possible to anticipate the risks of car-jacking – understand the theft of a vehicle by threat or violence on its driver – thanks to certain reflexes of caution.

To remain vigilant

When getting back to your vehicle, for example, it is not useless, without falling into paranoia, to check that you have not been followed before taking out your keys. Driving with the doors locked is also recommended in town. Likewise, avoid leaving your handbag visible in the passenger seat and prefer to put it on the ground away from prying eyes.
In the event of an assault, a car or a two-wheeler is obviously never worth defending at the risk of one’s life. It is therefore necessary to keep a copy of the on-board documents at home. They will be useful when filing a complaint. It is also a good idea to store your house keys separately from the car keys. Finally, there are on-board systems that allow you to find your property. They can be passive (immobilization of the vehicle) or active (geolocation by GPS).



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