Economy PSOE and Podemos approach positions to limit evictions but...

PSOE and Podemos approach positions to limit evictions but remain stranded in the rent


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The ‘purple’ show their “concern” after admitting that the socialists still do not raise any proposal to regulate prices

Calvià reiterates his opposition to limiting rents: “Simplifying complex problems does not help us solve them”

The blockade between Government partners continues in relation to rent. PSOE and United We Can continue without finding an agreement on the regulation of prices, the most discordant point at the moment for the members of the coalition, who are negotiating the future Housing Law.

The last meeting held between purples and Socialists has allowed, however, a rapprochement between forces in the matter of evictions, according to sources from United We Can.

Apparently, both partners are moving towards an agreement “to stop evictions without alternative housing for people in vulnerable situations” in Spain.

Specifically, and as they admit from training household, it is being proposed that the courts request a mandatory report from the social services in eviction processes.

In this way, it would be the social services themselves who would determine “if there is a situation of vulnerability”. If it occurs, the autonomous communities “will have the obligation to offer a decent housing alternative,” they say from Unidas Podemos.

The meeting this Thursday is serving, therefore, to move towards an agreement to “stop” evictions “in terms similar” to the mechanism used during the state of alarm.

They come “without any proposal”

Despite the progress in regard to evictions, United We can regret the lack of socialist proposals on rents, which have attended the meeting this Thursday, “once again, without any proposal” on this point.

The meeting, led by the Secretary of State for the 2030 Agenda, Ione Belcarra, and the Secretary-General of Urban Agenda and Housing, David Lucas, has not had progress in the negotiation on the regulation of rental prices, which generates “concern” among the purples.

United Podemos, which considers the regulation of rental prices “essential”, has claimed in recent weeks the need to reach an intermediate point to comply with what was agreed in the Government pact and in the General State Budgets.

We can mobilize the investiture partners to pressure the PSOE and impose caps on the rental price
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