World Recount confirms Joe Biden victory in Georgia

Recount confirms Joe Biden victory in Georgia


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US Presidential: Recount confirms Joe Biden’s victory in Georgia – 20 Minutes

From our correspondent in the United States,

After a manual recount of 5 million ballots, the verdict is the same: Joe Biden won Georgia and its 16 voters with 12,284 votes ahead of Donald Trump. But while the results of the “Peach State” must be certified Friday, the lawyer for US President Rudy Giuliani has promised to file a new appeal. With a strategy that now seems clear: to try at all costs to delay the officialization of the results of the American presidential election, in order to bypass the popular verdict during the vote of the large voters in the electoral college, on December 14.

In Georgia, the recount identified around 5,000 ballots that had not been counted. In the end, Donald Trump increased by 496 votes, or 0.001%. “The first historical audit in the whole state of Georgia confirmed the results of the presidential election, with Joe Biden in the lead in front of Donald Trump”, wrote Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who has stood up for 15 days facing the team of the American president, defending a count conducted, according to him, “in the greatest transparency.”

Judge dismisses Trump campaign, promising new appeal

On Thursday, a lawyer advocating for the US president’s campaign asked a judge to block the certification of the results, which is due on Friday. But the magistrate, who was appointed by Donald Trump, refused, writing: “Blocking the certification of last minute results would cause confusion and (represent) a denial of the right to vote, in my eyes, without any basis legal or factual. “

The soap opera is not yet over. A second recount, this time by machine, can in theory be requested. And Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani has promised he will file a new appeal Friday morning to challenge the validation of the results in Georgia. At a surreal press conference, with the dye from his hair streaming down his face, he denounced a “national conspiracy” and “massive fraud”, again without providing any evidence. The day before, he had nevertheless admitted to a federal judge that the appeal in Pennsylvania was “not a complaint for fraud.” The reason is simple: a lawyer can be struck off the bar if he lies to a judge.

Playing the watch for a shot at the Electoral College poker

In Michigan, Donald Trump’s campaign has withdrawn its complaints and seeks, again, to prevent the results from being validated – because two Republican officials say they were pressured to certify the results in Detroit the day before. While Donald Trump’s lawyers are 32 defeats with just two court wins, they seem to have changed their tactics.

According to Washington Post, the American president now wants to block the certification of results in three states in order to be able to bypass the vote of the electoral college on December 14. In the event of a blockage, elected Republican officials, who are in power in Pennsylvania and Michigan, in particular, could decide to send large pro-Trump voters in place of those chosen by the people. In the opinion of many experts, the chances of success of this scenario are almost nil. But denouncing a “rigged election” allows Donald Trump to mobilize Republican voters in view of the two Georgia senators who will tip the scales in the Senate on January 5.



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