World Russia gives Twitter one month to remove 'illegal' content,...

Russia gives Twitter one month to remove ‘illegal’ content, on pain of blocking


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648x415 twitter envisage de proposer des abonnements et des services payants a ses utilisateurs

Twitter plans to offer paid subscriptions and services to its users. – AFP

The Russian authorities gave the American social network Twitter one month on Tuesday to remove “illegal” content from its platform, under penalty of being blocked in the country.

Last week, Russia slowed down the functioning of the social network, accusing it of not having removed content inciting minors to suicide, containing child pornography or information on drug use.

Twitter “very concerned”

The Russian authorities accuse Twitter in particular of not having provided a response to requests to remove some 3,100 publications. The American firm rejected these accusations and said it was “very concerned” by “attempts to block and strangle public conversation online”.

“Twitter does not respond adequately to our requests and, if things continue like this, then in a month, it will be blocked,” Vadim Soubbotine, deputy director of the Russian internet gendarme Roskomnadzor, told Interfax on Tuesday. . “We have given ourselves a month and are observing the reaction of Twitter on the removal of illegal content,” he added to the TASS agency. “If Twitter does not meet the requirements […] we will consider the question of the complete blocking of the service ”.

Publications in support of the opponent Alexeï Navalny

This quarrel illustrates the growing tensions between Moscow and the major foreign social networks in recent months, denouncing their omnipotence and criticizing their moderation of content, particularly political. They are accused in particular of having circulated publications in support of the opponent Alexeï Navalny.

Roskomnadzor said last week that it slowed down the display of images, videos and audio content on Twitter on 100% of mobile devices in Russia and 50% of computers. A spokesperson for the social network had rejected the Russian accusations, assuring that the company has “a policy of zero tolerance in matters of sexual exploitation of children” and that it is forbidden to “promote, glorify or encourage suicide” on Twitter.



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