World Russian police claim Alexey Navalny was ill because of...

Russian police claim Alexey Navalny was ill because of “pancreatitis”


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648x415 file in this july 20 2019 file photo russian opposition activist alexei navalny gestures while

Alexei Navalny, July 20, 2020 in Moscow. – Pavel Golovkin / AP / SIPA

Russian police said Friday that the main opponent of the Kremlin, Alexeï Navalny, treated in Germany after falling seriously ill in Siberia at the end of August, was suffering from “pancreatitis”, once again rejecting poisoning.

“The final diagnosis was made by the doctors taking into account several chemical and toxicological studies: disruption of carbohydrate metabolism; chronic pancreatitis with impairment “of certain functions, said the press service of the Siberian branch of the Russian police. “The diagnosis of poisoning (…) has not been confirmed,” he said in a statement.

Poisoning confirmed by three laboratories

At the end of August, the main Russian opponent was seriously uneasy during a flight in Siberia. After two days of hospitalization, he was authorized for emergency treatment in Germany, under pressure from his relatives. According to three European laboratories, whose conclusions have been confirmed by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Alexei Navalny was indeed poisoned by a nerve agent of the Novichok group, a substance designed in Soviet times.

The opponent, still recovering in Germany, directly accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of being behind his poisoning, an accusation refuted by Moscow. According to the versions, the Russian authorities have rejected any idea of ​​poisoning or sometimes accused the Western secret services, the relatives of Alexei Navalny or the opponent himself of being the authors.

A coup from NATO, scoffs Navalny

The director of the Russian foreign intelligence service (SVR) Sergei Naryshkin argued that Navalny’s death would have made him a “sacrificial victim” useful to Westerners to “revive the protest movement in Russia”. “It’s very sad to see what has become of Russian intelligence,” Alexeï Navalny reacted on Facebook, calling Sergei Naryshkin a “fool”.

“It’s funny that they released Naryshkine the same day saying that I was poisoned by the NATO countries and this story of the Interior Ministry saying that there was no poisoning” , the opponent added on Twitter. “Apparently, the NATO countries convinced me to go on a deadly diet,” he quipped, referring to one of the versions put forward by Moscow, that his health problems were linked to food. unbalanced.



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