World She gives birth to twins conceived three weeks apart,...

She gives birth to twins conceived three weeks apart, an extremely rare phenomenon


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Twins (illustration). – congerdesign / Pixabay

A 39-year-old Briton gave birth in September 2020 to Rosalie and Noah, twins from a superficiality. The phenomenon is so rare that the number of cases worldwide is unknown.

It occurs when a pregnancy begins while an embryo is already developing in the womb. The little girl was thus conceived several weeks after her brother, says ABC News.

The girl kept for three months in intensive care

Doctors in their thirties discovered the existence of “super twins” during ultrasound performed after 12 weeks of pregnancy. They found the presence of two fetuses, the degree of growth of which showed a difference in age of three weeks. This is one of the biggest differences ever seen in a case of superfetation.

After years of unsuccessful attempts to have a child with her partner, the Briton had started infertility treatment. After the announcement of the double pregnancy, her doctors told her that Rosalie, the younger of the two babies, might not survive.

The childbirth was finally triggered after 33 weeks of pregnancy to save the girl. Supported for three months in neonatal intensive care, Rosalie was able to join her family in time for the end of the year 2020 holidays. “Every time I look at them and I say to myself ‘Wow, I’m so lucky” ” , commented the mother of the family.



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