WorldShe tries to kidnap a baby on Mother's Day

She tries to kidnap a baby on Mother’s Day


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The suspect was charged and taken into custody for attempting to abduct the 8-day-old baby. – Iuliia Bondarenko / Pixabay

Terrifying Mother’s Day for new mom from Ottawa, Canada: Stranger broke into her home on Sunday and attempted to abduct her newborn baby after spraying the family with bear repellant spray, announced Monday local police. The suspect was quickly overpowered by a neighbor as she fled with the eight-day-old baby. She was charged and imprisoned, said Ottawa police spokesperson Martin Groulx during a press briefing.

The 32-year-old Quebecer had contacted the mother of the child through a discussion group of young mothers on Facebook. The suspect had made him believe “that she had been selected at random to receive a prize”. She had brought him this fake “prize” home on Friday.

A neighbor overpower the kidnapper

On Sunday, Mother’s Day, she returned and broke into the family home in Ottawa, using a very irritating spray to neutralize the occupants of the house, before running away with the child. The neighbors, alerted by the altercation, chased the baby thief and one of them held her until the police arrived. According to paramedics, the infant was not injured.

“We do not know the motive, but we are continuing to investigate,” said the police spokesman, adding that the woman had also come into contact with other mothers on social media. Nicole Shanks was charged with ten counts, including substance abuse, assault with a weapon and kidnapping, and was taken into custody.



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