World Siberian tiger spreads panic in village, farmer slightly injured

Siberian tiger spreads panic in village, farmer slightly injured


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648x415 tigre siberie attaquee soigneuse zoo russe illustration

A Siberian tiger (illustration). – Pixabay

A Siberian tiger caused panic in a small village in northern China by attacking a car and pouncing on a farmer on Friday. The young male tiger was spotted wandering near the village of Linhu, not far from the Russian border.

According to a witness, he walked towards two villagers working in a field. “I shouted at them to flee, but the tiger then ran straight in my direction”, confides the witness quoted by Beijing News. “In two or three seconds he ran and threw himself at my car, clawing at it with his huge paws. “

The animal captured and placed in quarantine

The exterior of the car was badly scuffed and the rear passenger window shattered. Fortunately, neither passenger was injured. Videos also show the tiger leaping at a villager working in a nearby field, before fleeing. The victim was only slightly injured.

The police eventually managed to corner the animal and subdue it using tranquilizer darts. The feline was quarantined for 45 days at a cat breeding center in Mudanjiang.

Siberian tigers are native to Russia and parts of northeast China. Fewer than 500 are believed to be left in the wild today due to poaching, and fewer than 30 are believed to be in China. Conservationists are trying to protect the species. Rarely do tigers venture into areas frequented by humans.



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