Economy Social housing, a good plan for home ownership

Social housing, a good plan for home ownership


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Thousands of housing units are put up for sale each year by public housing organizations. This is the opportunity to make a good deal! – IStock / City Presse

It is not uncommon for a low-rental housing organization – the public or private managers of HLMs – to put entire buildings up for sale as part of a restructuring or refocusing of its social rental stock. This is particularly the case in certain regions where this supply exceeds demand, resulting in the vacancy of many apartments.

The 2018 Élan law aimed to develop this type of transaction, in order to help finance the renewal of the social housing stock. According to state figures, 11,100 HLM housing sales were made in 2019. For people wishing to acquire a property at a lower cost, this is an opportunity to be seized.

Attractive offers

Forget the image of dilapidated building bars located in difficult neighborhoods. The social housing stock is vast and heterogeneous; only a quarter are located in sensitive neighborhoods. In 2020, more than 10 million people were thus housed in some 4.7 million dwellings managed by social housing organizations. And, according to a study carried out by the Social Union for Housing (USH), 85% of tenants are satisfied with their home.

This is all the more true as the majority of the programs relate to sets of 17 housing units on average, grouped together in small buildings, or even grouped individual houses. If homes must in any case meet minimum standards in terms of habitability, maintenance and energy performance, they are most often spacious, well equipped and energy efficient, since 42% display an energy label A, B or vs.

A framed sale

HLM organizations are only allowed to sell goods in good condition and built for more than ten years, with some exceptions. In addition, this transfer obeys a strict framework. Logically, rented dwellings can only be transferred to their occupant. On the other hand, the room for maneuver is greater for vacant dwellings. These must first be offered to all tenants and caretakers of the selling HLM organization, by means of a posting distributed in the department. If no priority buyer has manifested itself within 2 months, the sale offer can be extended to all, without condition of income.

The interest is to be able to access the property at a lower cost, since the law requires the social landlord to sell the property below market prices. The sale price must then be included in a range not exceeding 35% above or below the evaluation carried out by the domain service.

Acquisition formulas

If anyone can buy an already existing low-rent housing, after having respected the deadline given to the priority tenants, the objective is to facilitate the access to the property of the less well-off households. Subject to income ceilings, they can therefore benefit from several formulas.

The first is rental-purchase. This involves first going through a rental phase of the accommodation by paying a monthly fee, a fraction of which corresponds to rent, while the other part is reserved for the constitution of the contribution. staff for this future acquisition. The purchase is not only progressive but it also allows you to benefit from an exemption from property tax for fifteen years and to benefit from reduced VAT.

Then there is the off-plan purchase on sale in the future state of completion. This option allows you to adapt the interior to your tastes. Another solution, the construction of a single-family house: the HLM organization helps you find land and provides security guarantees on the construction contract. Finally, the real solidarity lease. This more recent formula makes it possible to separate land from buildings. You therefore buy your home but remain the tenant of the land, which makes it possible to reduce the cost of the acquisition.



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