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The Canales twins, the soccer players who seek to take Peru to the Women’s World Cup

The Canales twins, the soccer players who seek to take Peru to the Women’s World Cup

The Canales twins, the soccer players who seek to take Peru to the Women’s World Cup

Lima, February 7, 2022Updated on 02/07/2022 11:06 pm

The Women’s Football It has been making great strides in Peru and the sisters Xioczana and Xiomara Canales have been an important part of it. Soccer players from Universitario and Alianza Lima have promoted this sport from the game and the image of the tournament.

League 1 will start next March and they are preparing to represent their teams in the best way. Xiomara will seek to repeat the title with the blue and white team, while Xioczana hopes to get revenge and win the tournament with the creams.

However, there is a common goal that unites both, the fact of seeing the Peruvian women’s team in a World Cup. The challenge is complicated, but the Bicolor will work for it. Xioczana is regularly summoned to the national cast and will surely be in the 2022 Copa América that will be played in Colombia.

For this 2022, my goal is to take my club to the top and play again in the Copa Libertadores; but in July a challenge is coming that could mark a before and after in Peruvian women’s soccer, such as the Copa América, which will be held in Colombia. Winning there and getting a place in the World Cup is one of my biggest motivations for this year, and I know that with hard work I can achieve it”. said the cream club attacker.

Xiomara already knows what it means to wear the white and red and her goal is to return to being considerate. “Being champion of the Women’s League with my club was a dream come true and this year, my goal is to make the cup stay at home. Also, pBeing able to go out and play abroad is another of my goals, as well as defending the colors of my country again”ensures the side.

The sisters seek to be part of the professionalization of women’s soccer, but they have also prepared for their life behind the ball. Xioczana has finished her studies in psychology and Xiomara is studying physiotherapy. Meanwhile, both have joined Team Herbalife Nutrition to have adequate nutrition for practicing sports.

Both have a history in women’s football. They have faced each other in classics and have collided in several crosses. The image that is most remembered is that of Xiomara consoling Xioczana after winning the 2020 League final, as seen in the image above the note.

Source: Elcomercio

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