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Le Graët “will not oppose the exclusion of Russia” from the 2022 World Cup

The president of the French Football Federation, Noël Le Graët, took a stand on the question of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in an interview with the daily The Parisian. This “leans for an exclusion of Russia from the next World Cup” in reaction to the actions of Russia, said Sunday Le Graët.

“The world of sport, and in particular football, cannot remain neutral. I will certainly not oppose an exclusion of Russia, ”explained Le Graët, while several nations have already warned that they would refuse to face the Russians in the play-offs of the 2022 World Cup.

This is the case of Poland, supposed to face Russia in Moscow on March 24, as of the Czech Republic and Sweden who could have to go to Russia five days later in the final of the play-off, to dispute their ticket for the World Cup in Qatar. A position shared by Noël Le Graët: “In these dramatic circumstances, how could we have considered playing football against this country? “, he told the daily Le Parisien.

Fifa does not move

Fifa has not yet taken the slightest measure against Russia, contenting itself on Thursday with saying that it is “concerned” in the face of a “tragic and worrying” situation, according to Gianni Infantino, the president of the body. football world.

The European Confederation, UEFA, on the other hand, has already deprived Russia of the organization of the Champions League final, initially scheduled for Saint Petersburg on May 28 but relocated to the Stade de France, in the Paris region.

Source: 20minutes